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Worldwide Travel Insurance

Worldwide Travel Insurance

If you’ve been planning your trip for a long time you’ll realize that there are a lot of potential hurdles to overcome in your itinerary outline. One of the potential hurdles to overcome, though a necessary one, is choosing the correct travel insurance policy for your planned trip around the world. Certain travel insurance policies are only available for certain regions, if you plan on travelling around the whole world, including anywhere within the American continents, or Antarctica – you’ll require a worldwide travel insurance policy. 

It’s best to be wise when we travel, this means being smart and safe – we’re no longer in our own home country. Cover yourself with a world travel insurance policy. 

If you’re going to be travelling for the entire year, around the world, you might want to take out a year-long policy. 
You wouldn’t drive without a seatbelt, or ride a bike without a helmet, or skydive without a parachute, so why travel without insurance?
Worldwide travel insurance
Remember, worldwide travel insurance cover may provide you with financial protection should you run into an unexpected misfortune. To help prevent your dream holiday turning into a financial disaster, it’s wise to take out a travel insurance policy before your trip. Please be advised some destinations are excluded worlwide, destinations would be automatically excluded if Smart Traveller has a travel warning of "Do Not Travel".

In some countries it has become a legal requirement that the inbound traveller has a comprehensive travel insurance policy behind them before they enter the country, especially if you are planning to be there for an extended period of time.

Travelling a lot for business throughout the year? If you’re planning to take multiple business trips to different parts of the world, your best bet is to take out an Annual Multi-Trip plan. This policy will cover you for as many trips as you like throughout the year, provided they’re under 45 days each. After you return to your home country your policy will continue to still be active, when you head off on your next trip somewhere around the world, you’ll still be covered. 

If you’re planning to travel around the world, please enter your travel details into into quoting panel so you can compare travel insurance policies. Worldwide travel is an exciting venture, a once and a lifetime opportunity, so it’s important to select the best policy for your travel needs. 

Worldwide Travel Guide

The worldwide travel insurance guide provides you with the essential information on embassy location, Australian smart traveller travel advice, maps, and flags as well as comprehensive travel insurance cover for your country of interest. The worldwide travel guide information allows you to get the most information about your country of interest. You will learn about the culture and lifestyle while overseas. So, use the guide to get the most out of your holiday away. Click on any country links below to find out information about your country of interest.

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