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Background Information

Argentina is a land of infinitely enchanting landscapes, from the Andes' snow-capped peaks to the dusty plains of Patagonia. Whether exploring the lush rainforest of Misiones, horse riding in the scorched red mountains of Salta, trekking the evergreen forests of the Lake District or playing the gaucho in the fertile Pampas, Argentina provides wonderful, boundless adventures.

At the heart of all this is the capital, Buenos Aires: a contemporary city that is bursting with energy. While the spirit of the tango thrives, and gaucho heritage is much-celebrated, modern Argentina is more cosmopolitan in its outlook than many South American countries.  

Argentina Information

Language:  Spanish 
Area:  2,780,403 sq. km 
Population:  44,270,000
Capital City:       Buenos Aires
± GMT (Time): -3 hours

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Argentina information

The Australian government and Smart Traveller recommend appropriate insurance information if you are travelling overseas and to ensure that you are properly covered with comprehensive travel insurance.
The cost of medical, dental and let alone the inconvenience of the lost luggage can ruin your holiday.

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