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International Travel InsuranceConsider an International Travel Insurance Plan when Travelling Abroad

International travel insurance should be the first step on your journey overseas. When travelling overseas, we enter into environments that are much different from the ones we are used to. Changes in our basic environment, like being around different languages and cultures, are very exciting, but they can also put us on the backfoot. With all of this new information to take in, we are often-times a little bit stunned, this can range from culture shock i.e. arriving into a country so different to our own that it surprises us, to things that are less-noticeable, like jet lag. Simple things have gone wrong that in our own country are easy to take care of, like a lost phone, become huge hurdles when we’re away from our most basic support networks. This is why its imperative to have an international travel insurance policy, especially if we’re going to be travelling internationally for an extended period of time. 
International travel insurance

Loss of valuables and accidental injury can be worrying hassles while we travel overseas. Uninsured medical expenses in foreign hospitals, the financial costs of retrieving a lost passport, or cancelled travel plans, can be very costly. Having international travel insurance while you travel is an easy way to mitigate any unnecessary stress should the unexpected happen.

There are many international travel insurance policies available, which can offer cover for a range of activities. 

Five solid reasons to get international travel insurance

International Travel Insurance
1. Be prepared for the unexpected

We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly prepare ourselves for it. Life is unpredictable, especially overseas. The world is a dynamic place and international travel plans and arrangements can change unpredictably. At the very least it is wise to take out a policy with cancellation cover should your trip be interrupted. It seems that when we’re not prepared, things tend to go wrong. 

2. Get a comprehensive coverage and travel stress-free

Having a comprehensive travel insurance policy will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip. Depending on the policy you choose, cover can include things like 24-hour emergency assistance, overseas medicalcancellation and lost luggage.

3. You cannot depend on your current insurance coverage away from home

Traditional health policies like third-party and personal liability insurance will not apply as international travel insurance. Make sure to obtain appropriate travel insurance before y our go. There are also option for travellers that have already departed Australia.  

4. Tough economic times can hit anyone at any time

Did something happen before your trip that’s inhibited your ability to go? Do you need to push your trip forward by a few weeks so you can meet an important deadline? That’s okay, with a Travel Insurance Saver policy you can be covered for amendments or cancellation of your trip. The sooner you insure yourself for your trip, the quicker you’ll have cover. 

5. It is an affordable coverage

Our cheapest policies are affordable and start at the price of a restaurant meal. 
Whether you are travelling around the world or just making a quick return trip, insurance coverage is necessary for unexpected events. You would be surprised how affordable travel insurance is. Travelling on a budget does not mean you have to get inferior travel insurance. 

Buying international travel insurance cover is very easy—you can get one within a few clicks right here on our website. The process is simple, our terms and rates are transparent, and you can make secure payments conveniently on our site. 

When is your trip? Start the process now; it is never too early to get an international travel insurance policy. 

International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

Whatever your trip, be it business related, a vacation with the family, or a solo trip around the world, travel insurance can help when the unexpected happens. 
Accidents can be sudden and unexpected. There are always unpredictable risks involved in travelling, like losing your luggage or having a flight cancelled. Taking out a Travel Insurance Saver policy can be a smart and easy way to insure yourself should something unexpected happens to you on your trip. Choosing the correct international travel insurance can be overwhelming with all of the different firms offering various products. We try to create a streamlined process to help you find the cover that best suits your needs. 

Every travel situation is different depending on the person, so your insurance policy is likely to be different from that of other people who are taking the same trip. It is good to go through the process properly on our website or over the phone with one of our staff members. 
Numerous factors are taken into consideration when buying international travel insurance. First and foremost, would be the duration of your journey.  If you’re planning a trip abroad for a long duration, review all the cover and options available, including the ability to extend your policies. Some countries will limit Visa applications based on travel insurance duration, some insurers will allow you to extend your policy up until 12 month from the date of departure, or longer. Many Travel Insurance Saver policies can be extended as many times as you like as long as you haven't let the policy expire or exceed 12 months. There are options for 24 months travel insurance but conditions apply.     
Another vital factor would be your destination since the more remote or costly the location is, the higher the premium will be. The USA and Nepal are generally the most expensive international regions to travel to. You must ensure that the features of the travel insurance you acquire have a 24-hour assistance service, you never know when you’re going to need to contact your provider. Travel Insurance Saver only offers products with 24/7 emergency assistance based here in Australia.  
Your budget should be your next concern. You want the best possible international travel insurance for the most reasonable price. There are many different insurance firms, but we offer a price that is competitive within the industry, while also offering a range of cover amongst our policies. Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less. – all policies displayed onsite have a discount applied. 

You can compare travel insurance side by side via the Travel Insurance Saver website. 
International travel insurance
Get a quote to compare International Travel Insurance if you prefer to buy online
No matter what kind of policy you buy, or how you choose to buy it, remember to purchase an international travel insurance policy that lives up to your needs and expectations, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.   

Insurance Saver Pty Ltd, ABN 18624 919 366, AR 1263726 (Travel Insurance Saver), is an authorised representative of nib Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (nib), ABN 81 115 932 173, AFSL No 308461. Any information provided is general only and you should consider if this product suits your needs. Before deciding to purchase this product, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. This insurance is underwritten by XL Insurance Company SE, Australia branch (ABN 36 083 570 441). 


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