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Covers trips up to 60 days overseas and within Australia for 12 months
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Dependent children are covered for free, age limits apply.

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Business Travel Insurance
Work sending you interstate or overseas? How about that brand-new computer you’re a bit sceptical about bringing long distances? Travel Insurance Saver offers fantastic coverage on individual items which are ideal for any work-related travel.

Cancellation Cover Travel Insurance
Planning a trip has never been safer with Travel Insurance Saver offering a wide range of cancellation cover in the event of sudden cancellation of your trip! 

Family Travel Insurance
If you’re planning a holiday with your family, our policies cover accompanying children (subject to age). Check out our policy disclaimers for additional for additional details regarding age restrictions for accompanying children.  

Jet Ski Travel Insurance
Want to carve up the waters on a jet ski while you travel? Travel Insurance Saver acknowledges the risks of renting any vehicle and partaking in such risky ordeals, that’s why we want you to feel safe and secure while operating any water vehicle by offering you the best coverage possible! 

Mountain Bike Travel Insurance
When planning a trip, you may be thinking about partaking in some adventure sports. Travel Insurance Saver offers a range of cover for sporting activities including Mountain Biking. 

Pregnancy Travel Insurance
Travelling overseas or within Australia and you are pregnant? We will cover up to 26 weeks gestation so that you can holiday with peace of mind for yourself and bub.

Scuba Diving Travel Insurance
Many regions around the world offer water activities such as scuba diving, at Travel Insurance Saver we have recognised the necessity to cover such moderately risky activities ensuring you/and or you are travelling partner & family are safe and insured when participating in scuba diving. 

Seniors Travel Insurance
Travelling as a senior overseas or in Australia? Or is an older family member or friend about to get away on holiday? We want to make sure all our beloved elders are safe when leaving for interstate or overseas; this is why Travel Insurance Saver has policies ideal for all travelling ages including seniors! 

Snow Travel Insurance
Planning a trip to slopes for a ski or snowboard trip? Travel Insurance Saver has additional snow coverage which can be added to policies, ensuring protection from ski passes to the boots on your feet. 

Student Travel Insurance
Travelling as a student can often seem daunting, uncertain of what necessities you will need and how to cover them the most affordable way possible. Travel Insurance Saver offers a range of policies with fantastic coverage for students embarking on short and lengthy trips. 

Comprehensive Travel Insurance
Having quality insurance is necessary when travelling but just because the policy is comprehensive doesn't mean that it needs to be expensive. Save on comprehensive policies today. 

Discount Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance Saver offers all customers a discount on all policy 365 days a year; however, we do change our rates up and down. Get in today to get today's price. 

Overseas Motorcycle Travel Insurance
We offer a range of policies for motorcycling, from novice without a license to expert and overland on a 1000cc motorcycle. Click the link to find out which policy applies to you.

Group Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance Saver has a group policy which applies to groups of 10 people or more. To find out more, please contact us during business hours for a quote. 

Worldwide Travel Insurance
Wanting to take on the world, why not! Type in Worldwide in the country most time spent quote box to be covered in all countries worldwide. 

Travel Insurance Reviews
We have 1000's of satisfied customers, read what they have to say about us. 

Do I need Travel Insurance?
Not being in control of unforeseeable circumstances occurring while travelling abroad or even domestically can have a drastic impact on travel arrangements and your wallet!

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Cover
Are you suffering from a Pre-Existing Medical Condition and uncertain whether you will be eligible for medical cover when travelling? 

Travel Insurance Quote
Compare the find the best travel insurance for your next trip away, either in Australia or internationally  

QBE Travel Insurance
QBE Australia is part of the QBE Insurance Group, Australia’s largest international general insurer and is in the top 25 insurers and reinsurers in the world.

Overseas Travel Insurance
Heading overseas and looking for quality overseas travel insurance? Get a quote today and save on all policies.  

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
Are you a frequent traveller? Get a policy that provides unlimited trips over 12 months up to 60 days per trip for one low price.  

International Travel Insurance
Travelling overseas and wanting to get quality and affordable international travel insurance. Just enter in your travel detail in the quote box that is on this page to locate all overseas policies available to you. 

Best travel insurance
Looking for the best travel insurance and don't know what to select. You can only get the best when the policy covers you for everything you want at an affordable price. Not having to pay for extras you don't need will assist you in finding the Best travel insurance policy for your needs. 

Travel Insurance Online
Travel Insurance Saver is a leading provider of online travel insurance, offers a customer a clean and secure online platform to compare, analysis, purchase and update policies themselves. 

Travel Insurance Australia
Australian resident or Non-Australia resident travelling to Australia. View the Australian policies by entering in Australia as the country most time spent to compare policies. 

An inbound traveller to Australia
Travelling to Australia and need insurance, you are looking for the Inbound Traveller to Australia policy that will cover you for Medical, Medical Evacuation, Luggage, Cancellation and much more. 

Cruise Travel Insurance
Cruise travel insurance automatically available on all international and domestic policies. No additional costs to add cruise travel insurance. You don't even need to disclose that you are travelling on a cruise.

Smart Traveller Travel Insurance
In conjunction with QBE, Travel Insurance Saver offers to save on all travel insurance policies. We also urge you to view travel advice from Smart Traveller before travelling.

Backpacker Travel Insurance
Backpacking is all about living stress-free and staying in the moment, the last thing you want on your mind is anxiety about health and security.  

Domestic Travel Insurance
Planning a trip to Australia or a cruise in Australian waters. Select Australia as the country most time spent to view policies available for your trip to Australia. Available for residents and non-residents of Australia

Budget Travel Insurance
What if you cannot afford such an expensive insurance policy at the given time before a trip? Do you ignore travel insurance or should you plan to get budget travel insurance within your affordable range? 

Travel Insurance to New Zealand
Heading over the Tasman Sea soon? We have a range of policies available however if you are planning on taking advantage of some Snow Sports; please select the International Comprehensive as you will receive free Snow Sports cover automatically included. 

Compare Travel Insurance
Want to compare some policies before you travel to find the best policy for your travel needs. Easy done, get a quote and compare all policies side by side to determine the best value policy.

Holiday Insurance
We all love holidays, but planning for them isn't always the best. Tick another box off your list and pick up quality holiday insurance with TIS.

One Way Trip Travel Insurance
Uncertain of your return date, or not planning a return at all yet and need a one-way travel insurance policy? Extend your one-way policy from 365 to 730 days.

Re-Sit Exams Travel Insurance
Are you a full-time student travelling overseas and worried you might need to re-sit a supplementary exam?

Altitude Travel Insurance Cover
Taking on Everest, whether that is the summit or base camp need cover for high altitudes. We have you covered, click through to find out more information.

Long-Term Travel Insurance
Heading overseas for a year or two, maybe a 2-year working holiday may be on the card. click through to find out more about long-term travel insurance

Covers trips up to 60 days overseas and within Australia for 12 months
Adult 1
Adult 2
Dependent children are covered for free, age limits apply.