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Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions imposed by the Australian and other governments. We are not currently offering travel insurance.
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    Medical Condition

    Medical Condition means Existing Medical Condition Cover - Please view the Existing Medical Condition Cover page for further information. To complete a Medical Screening online please click Yes to when to the following questions. 'Would this traveller like to be assessed for existing medical condition(s) cover?

    Altitude Limits

    There are no altitude limits that apply to our policies. 

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    • Medical cover
    • Emergency dental
    • Additional expenses
    • 24/7 emergency assistance
    • Cancellation cover and deferment costs
    • Luggage


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    Get Protection and Security with Travel Insurance

    Before you travel, ensure that you have in place the appropriate travel insurance protection, this will ensure that you will travel with peace of mind.

    Annual Multi Trip - Available for the frequent traveller

    If you are a regular overseas traveller consider the features of our Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy, it will provide you with great cover for 12 months with of up to 45 days per trip. 

    Additional Travel Insurance Cover

    There are policies available for Snow Cover and $0 Excess Buyout.
    For quality budget travel insurance at affordable prices, choose Travel Insurance Saver and receive the professional service you deserve with a company you can trust. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Schedule of Benefits for further information when you take out a policy. 

    Choosing the right cover for you

    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to select the best travel insurance that meets your specific travel requirements. If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with us. 

    nib International Assist

    nib’s 24/7 emergency assistance team includes trained medical professionals such as doctors and registered nurses. They’re on standby and ready to help with any medical emergencies no matter wherever or whenever they might occur.
    From organising quality local medical help through to arranging and overseeing an evacuation or repatriation, you can be confident you’ll have the very best minds and
    hands guiding the process for you.

    TIS Worldwide Guide

    Worldwide Travel Insurance Guide provides you with country facts, advice, flags and maps. Keep an eye on our blog for information on how to save money and travel smarter for your next getaway.

    What Travel Insurance Covers

    Essentially, a Travel Insurance policy covers certain financial losses related to your travel, such as medical expenses, luggage loss, emergency evacuation, airfare refunds. Travel insurance policies can protect you in the event you need to cancel, interrupt and or postpone your trip. The valid and adequate reasons for cancelling or suspending your trip are detailed in Section A of the PDS, these generally occur due to the following reasons:-

    • Delay the processing of your visa or passport
    • Weather issues 
    • Sickness or illness
    In the case of a flight cancellation or delay, Travel Insurance is may provide coverage like overheads that the airlines won’t cover, such as additional accommodation, taxi fees to the hotel or even food during your overnight stay. These are detailed under Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses in the PDS. 
    It’s also wise to have a plan with adequate medical coverage in case you fall sick, have an accident and require medical help while you are travelling and that your policy provides repatriation cover to your country of origin. 
    If you are planning to travel thru numerous countries ensure that you enter on the quoting panel ALL the countries you will be traveling to. 

    If you have an existing medical condition, you can add this to your policy. This can be done by completing an existing medical condition (EMC) form online. No payment details are required to complete the EMC form, please select Medical Condition in the optional extras to continue to complete the form online.   
    Rates are based on how often you travel as well as the length of your trip, where you are travelling to and your age and the type of cover that you require, the cost may also be affected by a pre-existing medical condition. It is wise to purchase your Travel Insurance as soon as you start paying for your travel journey so that your cancellation cover can become active.  

    Where Can You Buy Travel Insurance? 

    We at Travel Insurance Saver are leaders in Online Travel Insurance, we provide a clear comparison of travel insurance plans available at great rates. Our products are provided by nib Travel Insurance
    Travel Insurance Saver is your starting point to find quality travel insurance policies that you can rely on, at affordable rates.
    Enjoy your trip and relax in the comfort in knowing that you are protected by travel insurance cover provided by nib.