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Covers trips up to 60 days overseas and within Australia for 12 months
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Dependent children are covered for free, age limits apply.

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Travel Insurance Saver provides a range of policies to meet the needs of our customers whether that is in Australia or Overseas. Choose from domestic and international products at the click of a button!

Schedule of benefits

To compare policies and view the product disclosure statement, please complete a quote and the top 5 policy options will be examined side-by-side for you. Compare and choose the best policy for your trip away. Description of benefits and complete downloadable PDS's are also available once you have recieved your quote. 

Existing medical conditions (EMC)

We automatically cover 32 conditions for free. Click here to view Existing Medical Conditions covered for free & also high-risk conditions.
You can only add an Existing Medical Condition (EMC) on the International Comprehensive policy or the Annual Multi Trip policy. However, you can select any other product, but that specific condition would be excluded.

Country most time spent? 

Referring to the location that you will be spending the majority of your trip or most time in. By selecting the country where you will be spending the most time will also include other countries that you will be visiting. However, if you are travelling to USA, Canada, South or Central America for more than 72 hours, you may need to select Yes. 

QBE Assist - Worldwide 24/7 365 days emergency assistance

QBE Assist are trained medical experts and travel insurance specialists. This Australian-based team coordinates emergency assistance to the policyholder that becomes ill or injured while travelling overseas.
Click here for further information and a free call contact number for QBE Assist.


Cruises are automatically covered for free. If you are taking a cruise in Australian waters, please select Australia as the country most time spent, when travelling in international waters, please select the country that you will be travelling to; For example Singapore, Hawaii, Vanuatu etc.
Click the link for further information about Cruise Travel Insurance

Motorcycling overseas

Wanting to motorcycle abroad and looking for quality travel insurance to suit your needs? We have a range of options from Novice to Overland. Click to view Motorcycle Travel Insurance page.

Dependent children, covered for free. 

Dependent children up to 20, and 24 years of age are covered for free. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for age limits that apply to each policy.

Amend and extend your policy

Amend, extend or cancel via the self-managed system - Further information.

Rental vehicle insurance excess

We will cover you for the rental vehicle insurance excess, or the cost of repairing the vehicle, whichever is lower, if;

  • you rent a vehicle from a rental company; 
  • it is damaged by accident, storm, fire or theft; and 
  • you are a nominated driver of the Rental Vehicle Agreement. 

For this benefit to apply, the rental vehicle must have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the period of hire. Please refer to schedule of benefits for policies that include Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess 

Snow & Ski cover 

We have three options to add Snow Cover to your plan.

  1. International Comprehensive 
  2. A, B, C & Premium Plus 
  3. Annual Multi Trip policy 

Please click on the following link to view further information about Snow travel insurance. 

Peace of mind

QBE Assist is a 24/7 Australian-based team that coordinates emergency assistance to all policyholders. QBE is Australia's largest international general insurer and reinsurance group. QBE was established in 1886 making over 130 years of experience and is in the top 25 reinsurers worldwide.

Take confidence while travelling with a QBE travel insurance policy.

QBE Travel Insurance - International Travel Insurance Schedule of Benefits

For travellers who need cover for medical and dental expenses, medical and non-medical evacuation and repatriation, cancellation and additional expenses, and other benefits when travelling overseas.

Please get a quote to view the schedule of benefits for the best five policies selected for your travel needs.

Already departed

You won't be able to purchase a policy if you have already departed from Australia

Extend your policy

You can update and extend your policy up to 12 to 24 months.
Extend up to 24 months = Bare Essentials, Essentials & International Comprehensive can be extended up 24 months
Extend up to 12 months = Premium Plus, A, B, C travel plans can only be extended up to 12 months.

Group travel insurance

Group travel insurance requires a minimum of 10 travellers to be eligible.

Available only on International Comprehensive, Essentials, and Bare Essentials policies. Provided you are under the age of 70 and  have the intention of returning to Australia. Click here to request a quote.

Seniors travel insurance

We have a range of policies available for seniors, with our International Comprehensive prouduct available up to 99 years of age. Four policies up to 65, three policies up 69 & 2 policies up to 80 years of age subject to region and duration of travel. Please click on the following link to view further information about Seniors Travel Insurance.

Budget travel insurance

We offer several policies for people travelling on a budget. Click on the following link to view further information about Budget travel insurance.

Monetary Unit

All $ values via this website, displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD) 

Travelling when pregnant

We automatically cover pregnancy-related illness of the mother up to & including 26 weeks gestation - Provided there have been no complications in this pregnancy or any previous pregnancy, or artificial reproductive technique, e.g. IVF has not assisted this pregnancy
Click on the following link to view further information about pregnancy travel insurance.

Compare Travel Insurance

We offer a great platform to compare policies side by side to identify the best policy for your travel needs. Click here for further information about comparing travel insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance

Travelling overseas and looking for great value for money travel insurance. Click here to find out more about overseas travel insurance

Covers trips up to 60 days overseas and within Australia for 12 months
Adult 1
Adult 2
Dependent children are covered for free, age limits apply.