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Motorcycle Travel Insurance

Motorcycle Travel Insurance

Wanting to motorcycle overseas and looking for a travel insurance policy to suit your needs?

You must have a licence that is valid in the country of travel and in your country of residence.

If you are an Australian travelling overseas and looking to ride a motorcycle you must have a full unrestricted motorcycle licence and an international motorcycle licence. If the country that you are travelling to doesn't accept international licences such as Viet Nam you will may need to acquire a Viet Nam motorcycle licence to have cover under the travel insurance policy. 


Motorcycle travel insurance

General exclusions

The following are general exclusions under the travel insurance policies. This means that no cover is provided if the traveller

Rides a motor cycle, moped or motor scooter, either as the person in control or as a pillion passenger 

  • With an engine capacity greater than 250cc, or
  • when not wearing a helmet, or 
  • where the person in control does not have a full motorcycle licence that is valid both in the country of travel and their country of residence.
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Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess

No cover applies to motorcycles or quad bikes for Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess
Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess only applies to 4-wheeled vehicle with a gross vehicle mass less than 4.5 tonnes such as cars & campervans that you:
  • hire from a registered rental vehicle company; and
  • have a rental vehicle agreement in writing. 
  • must have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the period of hire

Motorcycle travel insurance

Overland Motorcycle Travel Insurance

  • The Bare Essentials, Essentials, Annual Multi Trip and Comprehensive policies can cover you up to 250cc 
    • Policy holder must always be wearing a helmet and have a valid licenses in the their home country and country of travel.

Taking a motorcycle tour overseas

Some restrictions apply in certain countries regarding licensing. If you are riding a motorcycle in a tour with a valid tour operator please contact them to organise a temporary license for riding a motorcycle. An example of a country with these restriction is Vietnam. The temporary license may only allow you to ride when you are with the group, always check this directly with the tour operator to make sure you are riding legally. 

Own your own motorcycle

  • No policies or cover applies when you are using your own motorcycle. Motorcycles are not classifed as luggage and personal effects.

Quad Bikes are excluded from all policies

All terrain vehicle & quad bikes, either as the person in control or as a pillion passenger are excluded from all policies. 
This is a summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy  

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