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Domestic Travel Insurance


Australian Travel Insurance- All You Need to Know

As Australian's, we get to enjoy numerous unique aspects in our backyard. Being an Australian and travelling through Australia is on most people wish list. You can anticipate the animals to assemble on the roads, abrupt climate change from hot to cold and vice versa, enticing beaches that veil poisonous creatures!

In order to have peace of mind when travelling around Australia, you will need to have Domestic travel insurance. Domestic travel insurance is for Australian and non-Australian residents and is available for travellers using public transport such as planes, buses or hire car, particular when flying interstate. You also need to be 200km/h away from your home for your policy to become active.

Please note: Domestic travel insurance is not applicable to travellers that are driving their own car. The Policy will not become active is you are travelling in your own car!

Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance:

There are numerous types of insurance, and as a traveller, you should pick one that suits your travel need.

There are often domestic trip plans, which do not work overseas, but within the country. If you think that the Australian climate and food is likely to affect your health or if you’re seeking domestic and affordable travel insurance covered, but you can anticipate this insurance to cover your luggage and cancellations. There are two types of domestic insurance: single policy insurance covers only one trip, which is perfect for individuals who are planning a single trip or for those who travel seldom. While the annual multi-trip insurance policy covers an individual’s trips on all holidays in a year. When planning to travel within domestic boundaries, domestic travel insurance policies are capable of covering a lot of different scenarios. 

Benefits available for domestic travel insurance 

There are excellent reasons to buy domestic travel insurance. According to Tourism Australia, Australian residents take millions of domestic overnight trips within Australia.

Domestic Travel InsuranceThe most populated domestic trips are along the east coast of Australia, this includes New South Wales, Victoria and then Queensland.

  • Rental vehicle insurance excess cover 
  • Cancellation cover for your pre-paid tickets such as accommodation, flights and cruises
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage

Many people still think that they don’t need to take out domestic travel insurance for vacations in Australia.

However, imagine your luggage gets lost, or you cannot take your family holiday because one of your family members becomes suddenly ill or injured.

Hiring a Car with Domestic Travel Insurance

Our Australian Travel Plan policy is priced very well and depending on how long you are hiring a car, it might be cheaper to take out the Australian Travel Plan policy than purchasing the policy via the rental vehicle company. 

The Australian Travel Plan policy has $5000 rental vehicle insurance excess if you have an accident. Please check that this has adequate cover if you require more you can add on additional coverage to reach a high excess limit that $5000.

Domestic Travel InsuranceWith so many fantastic activities to enjoy here in Australia, domestic travel insurance will enable you to have the time of your life on holiday but will cover you for cancellation fees, and even vehicle insurance excess cover when renting a car.

Another reason to think about buying domestic travel insurance is the high excess often associated with domestic car rentals. It could be cheaper to get your rental insurance included in your travel insurance instead of paying directly with the rental company.

An affordable domestic travel insurance policy is worth investigating.

Domestic Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance Saver highly recommends following the advice of Smartraveller, the official travel advice website of the Government of Australia: If you can’t afford domestic travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

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Website is currently under maintenance. We will be back on Monday the 9th of December, 2019.
Please feel free to contact us with any Travel Insurance enquiries.
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