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Overseas Travel Insurance

Why you should have overseas Travel Insurance when travelling abroad

When you are travelling overseas, there are often many unknowns, what-ifs, and a myriad of variables that could hamper your trip, be it business or pleasure. 
Overseas travel insurance
Unfamiliar surroundings, new languages and cultures, and even having accidents or losing valuable luggage can be overbearing when you are away from home. Having overseas Travel Insurance while you travel is a sure way to mitigate your damages and avoid unnecessary worrying or hassles during the trip. 

There are many types of overseas Travel Insurance packages, all of them are tailored to meet the needs of different travellers. There are more simple packages for the business person who’s only going away for the weekend, to more comprehensive packages, say for a journalist going on a month-long tour – there are multiple packages for different types of travellers.  

While planning your trip it’s important that you don’t overlook Travel Insurance. Travel insurance can be the difference between you enjoying your overseas trip to the utmost, to having to come home early indebted to family and friends. It’s very straightforward to compare products side by side after you select ‘Get a Quote’, from there you can decide which policy will suit you the most. 
Overseas Travel Insurance Quote

Five solid reasons to get an overseas travel insurance

1. Be prepared for the unexpected

Because life is unpredictable, and travel plans can change without warning it is vital to have cancellation cover in case you need to cancel your trip. Or, have medical cover should you run into any unfortunate circumstances. 

2. Get a comprehensive coverage and travel stress-free

Good overseas travel insurance covers everything important including 24-hour emergency response, overseas medical emergencies, cancellations, luggage, and even accompanying minors. Travelling with peace of mind allows you to enjoy your trip that little bit extra. 

3. You cannot depend on your current insurance coverage away from home

If you are relying on traditional health policies, worker’s compensation coverage, or third-party and personal liability insurance, neither of these will go the distance when you need assistance. You should always have Travel Insurance when travelling overseas. 

Overseas travel insurance

4. Tough economic times can hit anyone at any time

Did you have an injury that’s changed your travel plans? Perhaps you have to push forward your trip because a family member fell ill? No worries, with an overseas travel insurance policy, you can get cover for what you need most, this way you won’t be relying on anyone else for financial cover.

5. It is an affordable coverage

Whether you are travelling around the world or just making a quick return trip, insurance coverage is necessary for peace of mind and a successful trip. You would be surprised at how affordable the coverage is. The cost of Travel Insurance is small compared to the potential costs racked up without it. 

Buying overseas Travel Insurance policy is very easy - you can get one within a few clicks right here on the website. The process is simple, the terms and rates are transparent, and you can make secure payments conveniently on this site. 

When is your trip? Start the process now; it is never too early to get an overseas insurance policy. 
Remember to register your travel details with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the case of an emergency and always keep up to date with advice from Smart Traveller when travelling.
Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.   
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