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Ethiopia demographics

Language:  Amharic 
Area:  1,221,000 sq km
Population:  105 million 
Capital City:  Addis Ababa
± GMT:    +3 Hours 


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Smart Traveller Ethiopia

Reconsider your need to travel to Ethiopia, including Addis Ababa, at this time due to the high threat of terrorist attack against Western interests and ongoing political tensions.

If you do decide to travel to Ethiopia, you should exercise extreme caution. We continue to receive reports that terrorists are planning attacks against a range of targets, including places frequented by foreigners.

You are advised not to travel to the border areas with Kenya, Somalia (in particular the Ogaden area) and Sudan, including the Gambella region, or to the disputed border area between Eritrea and Ethiopia because of the extremely dangerous security situation in these areas.

Credible reporting indicates that militants may be planning to conduct attacks, including kidnappings, in the Ogaden region, possibly targeting humanitarian workers.

Recent credible information indicates terrorists may be planning attacks in the eastern Ethiopian city of Jijiga. Possible targets include hotels. Information indicates terrorists may also be planning attacks in the eastern Ethiopian city of Dire Dawa.

Conflict in neighbouring countries could spill over into Ethiopia, particularly along the border with Somalia. There is also a possibility of attacks against symbols and buildings of the Government.

Protesters have in the past been killed in violent demonstrations in Addis Ababa. We advise you to avoid large gatherings throughout the country as they may turn violent.

*Please use information as a guide and always check Smart Traveller for the most up to date information.

Note: Remember to register with Smart Traveller before travelling overseas.

Ethiopia travel insurance guide

The Australian government and Smart Traveller recommend appropriate insurance information if you are travelling overseas and to ensure that you are properly covered with comprehensive travel insurance.
The cost of medical, dental and let alone the inconvenience of the lost luggage can ruin your holiday.

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