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Activities in Phillipines


Adventure Tour

Book an adventure tour with an ecological slant, including activities such as canopy walking (participants are lifted by pulleys to the canopy on the Philippine rainforest near Cagayan de Oro).

Island Hopping 

Phillipines offers hundreds of Islands and is the second biggest marine reserve in the world, with 2,000 species of aquatic life, discover caves and domes of Marcos Island and the Devil's Kitchen.

Sport Activities

Swim, surf, windsurf, snorkel and dive off Santa Cruz Island, which has a sandy beach that turns pink when the corals from the sea are washed ashore. Canoeing is available (bancas).

Fishing Trip

Fishing trip. The Philippines' warm waters are inhabited by over 2 000 fish species, including many game fish such as giant tuna, tanguingue, king mackerel, great barracuda, swordfish and marlin. Fishing the best during December to August.

Flea Market 

Flea market are avaiable in Zamboanga City (Mindanao island), which sells Muslim pottery, clothes and brassware.


Trekking or mountaineering in the region around Matulid River, Mount Halcon and Mount Pulog as well as the famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed rice terraces in the Cordillera mountain range located in the northern Luzon.

Scuba Diving 

Dive around WWII wrecks on the islands of Bohol, Mindoro,Batangas and Palawan. Scuba-diving in Sicogon Island, offers mountains and virgin forests to explore as well. Boracay Island is another such island paradise.

Villa Escudero 

Is a working coconut plantation in Quezon Province (Luzon island). Less than two hours from Manila, offering insight into rural life. Guests tour a typical village on a cart drawn by a carabao, or water buffalo.

Traditional Sporting Activities

Traditional game of Sipa, played with a small wicker ball, at the Rizal Court in Manila.

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