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Travel Insurance while Scuba Diving

If you are going to be travelling somewhere coastal and decide you’d like to scuba dive beneath the water’s surface, Travel Insurance Saver through nib travel insurance can provide you with cover. 
Listed below are some of the coverage benefits available to you which are relevant to scuba diving;
Scuba Diving Travel Insurance
Take a look at some of the coverage offered which may apply to you if you decide to go scuba diving on your holiday.

Please note: that unless you hold a full open water scuba diving license or are diving under licensed instruction, you may not be eligible for travel coverage when scuba diving.

Excluded Activities that apply to all policies -  hunts, polo, races (except on foot), mountaineers using support ropes, paraglides, rock climbs, abseils, base jumping, running with the bulls, and pot holing.


Travel Insurance for Scuba Diving

Travel insurance plans can offer cover^ for:

  • Scuba diving is automatically included on all international policies if you hold a license or dive with a licensed instructor.
  • Unlimited overseas medical cover.
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation applies to all international travel plans, get a quote and compare levels of cover
  • Personal liability cover (of up to $3,000,000)
^ This is a summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy
Scuba Diving Travel Insurance
Scuba diving has obvious health risks and shouldn’t be attempted if you’re suffering from an existing medical condition which could be exacerbated by diving unless otherwise recommended by a doctor. 
If an injury or existing medical condition is aggravated by you partaking in scuba diving, you may be excluded from receiving coverage unless you have undertaked a medical assessment and, where approved, paid the additional premium for the specified medical condition option. 

Also, if you are under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances while taking part in this activity, you may have your claim declined.    

To improve safety during your dive you should always dive with a certified scuba instructor.

Scuba Diving? Need Travel Insurance

Delving into the deep depths to discover the fantastic array of marine life and coral? Always remember to recycle and dispose of waste responsibly. 

Scuba diving is a fantastic experience for all to participate in. However, it has its associated risks; to ensure you are abiding by the limitations of your policy, we cannot stress enough the importance of partaking in this activity with a licenced scuba diving instructor.

Travel insurance for scuba diving  
Ensuring your safety and minimising risks associated with scuba diving is a must when it comes to any water related activities. 

Looking to try something new these holidays?

Travel Insurance Saver wants you to feel safe and secure when exploring these lifetime experiences such as scuba diving so make sure you stay within the parameters of the travel insurance policy and we hope you have a ball. 

Remember: You need to be diving with a licensed instructor, or you must have an open water scuba divers license, for your travel insurance policy to provide cover for the unexpected.
Please note excluded activities that apply to all policies - hunts, plays polo, races (except on foot), mountaineers using support ropes, paraglides, rock climbs, abseils, participates in base jumping, running with the bulls, or potholing.


Best scuba diving spots 

Here’s a list we’ve handpicked of some of our favourite scuba diving spots from all around the world in which our travel insurance will cover your to dive with a licenced instructor or scuba dive solo with an open water scuba licence. 

Travel Insurance while scuba diving The Blue Hole Belize

While the Blue Hole in Belize isn’t necessarily an incredible reef, it’s still a must-see for any scuba diver. This amazing hole in the middle of the Caribbean off of the country of Belize, near the island of Caye Caulker, key corker is how the locals pronounce it, should be on any travellers wish-list. The Blue Hole is a sinkhole in the ocean, its diameter is around 30 metres across, and it’s about 300 metres deep. Surrounding the hole itself is an extensive reef. You can get to the island from the mainland or from Caye Caulker, they usually take charters out there for a pretty reasonable price. You’ll want to have some scuba experience though, or at least be with a licensed instructor. The Blue Hole is a part of the Meso-American Barrier Reef. There are plenty of licensed scuba divers on nearby Caye Caulker where you can take a tour from if you take a licensed tour your insurance will check out. 

Travel Insurance while scuba diving The Yongala, Queensland Australia 

The S. S. Yongala was sunk right amongst the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. The beauty of this is that you get to explore the exterior of a gigantic sunken ship while also diving the Barrier Reef. Queensland has many different agencies where you can book a licensed tour from if you scuba dive under a licensed guide your insurance policy will cover you. 

Scuba Diving Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance while scuba diving The U.S.A.T Liberty, Bali Indonesia 

The USAT Liberty was a U.S military vessel that was sunk by Japanese submarines and eventually came to rest off the coast of Bal. The ship inadvertently became a vibrant reef of sorts for the local marine life that populates the oceans of Indonesia, including the Flap-nose Ray and the Great Barracuda. Bali is also a very popular tourist destination so if you’re ever there it would be worth snorkelling/scuba diving the USAT Liberty. 

Travel Insurance while scuba diving Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia 

The Ningaloo Reef is located in Australia along the Western-Australian coastline. Ningaloo is famous for its broad stretch of coral which comes right up to the white sandy beach. You can choose to snorkel along the coastline, or you can swim/take a boat further out from the shoreline. The coral further from the shore has different marine visitors each year, including whale sharks, dugongs, humpback whales and manta rays. 

Travel Insurance while scuba diving New Caledonia Barrier Reef, New Caledonia 

The New Caledonia Barrier reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world, it’s over 1500 km across. The New Caledonia Barrier Reef equals or surpasses the Great Barrier Reef in terms of fish and coral biodiversity. The reef has a large number of endemic species and is home to a large population of dugongs. New Caledonia is a very popular tourist spot, and there are usually many licensed instructors around. Take a licensed scuba tour for your insurance policy to be valid. 

Travel Insurance while scuba diving The Red Sea Coral Reef 

The Red Sea Coral Reef is one of the world’s largest reefs spanning over 2000km across shorelines. This reef also has a large population of endemic marine species and is home to over one-hundred species of hard coral. The Red Sea Coral Reef is located in the Red Sea and is over 5000 years old. 
Before deciding to purchase this product, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. 

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