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Canada - Attractions


Puffin Penguins

Visit the penguins and the colonies. Amazingly they spend 43 days nesting and the breeding process involve the mother laying the eggs and the father helps to incubate the egg. You can also whale watch off  Bay’s Bull

Ice Bergs

Massive flotillas of glacial ice begin arriving from Greenland from spring through early summer. Make sure that you find a point to watch the magnificent view.

Sea lions feeding

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Vancouver Aquarium. Learn all about the sea otters and sea lion from the experienced staff whilst they prepare some of their favourite treats and get up close to the animals.

Embark on a fossil safari

Dino teeth and bones are literally lying around Dinosaur Provincial Park north of Brooks, in the southeast of the province. Once the edge of an inland sea, this is one of the world's richest fossil beds.


Ancient rock paintings, pictographs and carvings at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. Located 100 km southeast of Lethbridge. Imagery includes hunting, vision quests and scenes of battle. It's the largest concentration of rock art on the North American plains, some of them up to 6,000 years old.

Great Northern Arts Festival

Up to 120 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists and performers from across the North congregate in Inuvik for 10 days of demonstrations, workshops, children's activities and a comprehensive Festival Gallery.

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