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Attractions in Albania


Archaeological Parks / Ancient Cities

In antiquity the territory around the site belonged to Chaonia, part of the Epirus kingdom, and it is rich in finds from the Classical to the Byzantine period.


The ancient city of Lissos is situated about half way between ancient Epidamnos-Dyrrahium and Scodra, built on a hill overlooking the flow of the Drin river.


Oricum is located to the right of the Vlora-Saranda national road and 42 km south of the Greek colony of Apollonia.


Shkodra is one of the most ancient cities in northwestern Albania. It was founded in the 4th century B.C. as the centre of the Illyrian tribe of the Labeates.


Butrint is situated on a low promontory on the southwest coast of Albania, south of the modern city of Saranda and opposite from the Greek island of Corfu.


Byllis has been the largest city in Southern Illyria, but despite this fact, has been mentioned relatively late by historians and ancient geographers.


Excavations conducted by Albanian archaeologists near the modern village of Saraqinishte, mainly in the 1960s-1980s, on the hill of Jerme, on the east side of the Drinos valley, led to the identification of the fortified city with that of Antigonea.


The famous Roman orator Cicero, astonished by the beauty of Apollonia named it in his Philippics, magna urbs et gravis - a great and important city.


This was the capital of the Illyrian tribe of Amantes. Its ruins are in the village of Plloça in the Vlora river valley. It was founded in the fifth century B.C. and covered an area of 13 ha.

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