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Activities in New Zealand


We’ve already outlined some of the best places to visit in New Zealand after you take out your travel insurance policy, but what about things to do? New Zealand takes pride in the fact that it is one of the most adventurous nations in the world, so there’s plenty of fun activities for you to take part in while you’re there.

Zorb Ball

Zorb Ball’s were invented in New Zealand, which makes sense, it’s an adventurous country with plenty of wide-open green spaces. Zorbing involves rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball, you’re pretty much completely protected while you’re in the Zorb, so you’ll basically just bounce off everything and keep rolling. It’s a pretty damn fun activity and you can do it all over New Zealand. Zorb balling is covered under all of our travel insurance policies. 

Jet Boating

When people see ad campaigns for New Zealand tourism, they’ll often be greeted by a video of smiling people powering down rapid rivers in a jet boat. This experience is another ‘typical’ New Zealand adventure and involves taking a high-speed trip in a specialized power boat down one of New Zealand’s many waterways. You can take a jetboating trip in Queenstown’s Shotover River, the Waikato River beneath the Huka Falls, and many more. Jetboating is covered under all of our travel insurance policies. 

Coastal activities in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long coastline and in some places, the shore meets with subtropical archipelagos. Close to the shores of this beautiful island nation are subalpine forests and mountainous clifftops that are ideal for hiking and taking part in other activities. Places like Bay of Islands, Poor Knights Islands and Abel Tasman National Park are particularly renowned for their spectacular beaches. Most water-sports are covered under our travel insurance policies, like jet-skiing for instance. Check the PDS for more details. 

Surfing in New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the best surfing opportunities in the world. There are some great breaks near the Mahia Peninsula (Gisborne closeby), Murawai, Palliser Bay (near Wellington) and Piha. The majority of people choose to surf in the North Island because of its subtropical climate, and warmer oceans. We’ll list some more good spots to surf below with a brief description. Remember, surfing is covered under all of our travel insurance policy schemes, and should you take your board with you, you can choose to have that insured as well. 

Raglan - Is a small town that is home to a beach perfect for beginner and moderate surfers, Ngaranui Beach. There are some testier waters such as Whale Bay and Manu Bay, these are good places for people with a bit more experience. 

Ahipara – Shipwreck bay may invoke images of swashbuckling pirates in the minds of many surfers who travel here, which is good for a bit of role-playing morale. Expect long rides into shore on the waves here. In the north of the north. 

White Rock – Located in the Wellington and Wairarapa Region, this beach is more of a challenge than the ones we’ve already listed. The area is known for big waves, so it’s always recommended you check the surf reports before you head out. 

Muriwai – Last on our little list of beaches, Muriwai is a popular surf spot located near Auckland. This is a good place to go if you’re a beginner because it’s close to Auckland and there are a number of surf schools here where you can learn some skills. 

Whale Watching 

New Zealand is visited frequently by a vast array of marine mammals, like dolphins, orca whales, humpbacks and more. There’s the opportunity to go whale watching at many different locations throughout the country, luckily, you don’t need insurance to go whale watching, but should you decide to you’ll be covered anyway! You can go whale watching from shore and also on a guided tour where they usually take you out on a boat. Kaikoura, Hauraki Gulf, Bay of Islands, Marlborough Sounds… you can spot these remarkable creatures all over New Zealand. 

Dolphin Swims

Likewise, with larger whale species visiting the islands, dolphins are also known to frequent the coasts. Sightings are possible year-round on the eastern coast of the South Island, but most sightings take place from April to August. It’s possible also to swim with the dolphins at various locations, in particular at the Bay of Islands, in the north of North Island. Swimming with dolphins is covered under our travel insurance policy schemes. 

Sailing and Yachting in New Zealand

New Zealand is a self-described ‘sailing nation’. They compete as a nation in many of the sailing competitions that occur globally, and if you head over there, you’re likely to see a number of people out on the water in their sailboats. Auckland – ‘the city of sails’ – offers many opportunities to sail and go yachting. There are plenty of places you can sign up for sailing lessons in smaller fibreglass yachts, or you can pay to be taken out by season old salts. Excursions take place around the archipelagic Bay of Islands, Hauraki Gulf and Marlborough Sounds as well. Should you decide to go yachting or on a sailboat around New Zealand, you’d be covered by our travel insurance policies. 

White Water Rafting

New Zealand is known for its terrific waterways. If you decide to seek out some thrill, you could try white-water rafting. Some popular rivers include Wairoa, the Mohaka, and the Kaituna. The Kaituna has the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall at 7 metres. You can also go black-water rafting through cave systems where you might be able to spot some famous glow worms, these trips are famously romantic and recommended for any honeymooners out there. White water rafting is covered under our travel insurance policies. 

Snow skiing and snowboarding 

Skiing & Snow Boarding is automatically included for free when you purchase the INternational Comprehensive policy.

Snow cover basically ensures that if you should take part in any snow sports on your trip to New Zealand, you’ll be covered for any accidents. There are also some included extras, like compensation for tickets foregone due to ski-run closure. The best time to hit the slopes is from June to October. On the North Island, the best regions are on Mount Ruapehu. Other good spots can be found in the Southern Lakes regions and Mount Hutt. Glacier ski and glacier walk in the Southern Alps also bodes for a good snowsports experience. Check our international comprehensive travel insurance policy for more information about snow cover while you’re in New Zealand. 


There are lots of places to go fishing in New Zealand, and many different kinds of fishing. You can fish the may riverways for rainbow trout, a popular catch. You can go fly fishing in the many subalpine waterways, which is extremely tranquil and picturesque. You can also do some salmon fishing in the Rakaia, Rangitata,

Waimakariri and Waitaki rivers. You can also go fishing for flathead at Wellington point, from a kayak as well if you wish. If you’re after a more tropical experience head to the Bay of Islands, where fish are aplenty, and you can go after them from the shore, in a kayak or in a charter. For more information about seasons and permits, contact the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association. You’ll be covered for medical under our travel insurance policies should you take part in recreational fishing on your trip. 

National Parks in New Zealand 

All of the parklands we mentioned in our attractions page offer stunning walking trails for the beginner, intermediate and seasoned hiker. Some of the famous and more popular walks include the Abel Tasman Coastal, Lake Waikaremoana, Milford Sound walking tracks. Contact the Department of Conservation for more information. 

Wine Regions

Enjoy some of the many famous wine-growing regions throughout New Zealand, and in particular, you must visit Hawke’s Bay. There are around 70 different wineries where you can go in, have a tipple or three, and sample some fine foods. There’s nothing better than a day spent schmoozing around wineries in the sun, downing some of the best wines in the world. They make a good pinot noir. The Marlborough area also has some wines that stand out as being world-class, producing the old school Chardonnay, which is having a bit of a renaissance, and the classic, always popular Sauvignon Blanc. Note: Intoxication may inhibit full travel insurance coverage.

Distilleries in New Zealand 

While we’re on the topic of good booze, let’s talk about distilleries. New Zealand is a clean and crisp country with some refreshing waterways pouring through the heart and soul of the nation. As a result, the country is able to distil some of the best liquors in the world. Dunedin, the Gaelic word for Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is located on the south-island and has a reputation for producing some fine whiskeys. 

Visit the whisky distilleries of Dunedin (Gaelic for Edinburgh), reputedly the world's southernmost distillery. It's located at the bottom of South Island, which has strong Scottish roots and retains a distinctive Celtic flavour. Note: Intoxication may inhibit full travel insurance coverage. 

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