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Climate in Phillipines


The Philippines has a tropical marine climate, and is usually hot, humid, and tropical.

The average yearly temperature is around 26.5°C. There are three recognized seasons: "Tag-init" or "Tag-araw" (the hot season or summer from March to May), "Tag-ulan" (the rainy season from June to November), and "Tag-lamig" (the cold season from December to February). The southwest monsoon (from May to October) is known as the "Habagat", and the dry winds of the northeast monsoon (from November to April) as the "Amihan".

The coolest month is January and the warmest is May. Both temperature and humidity levels reach the maximum in April and May.

Manila and most of the lowland areas are hot and dusty from March to May. Even at this time, however, temperatures rarely rise above 37°C. Mean annual sea-level temperatures rarely fall below 27°C.

Annual rainfall measures as much as 5,000 millimeters in the mountainous east coast section of the country, but less than 1,000 millimeters in some of the sheltered valleys. Sitting astride the typhoon belt, most of the country experiences an annual onslaught of torrential rains and thunderstorms from July to October.

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