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Attractions in Phillipines



Discover old Manila and see the remains of the massive wall that protected the Intramuros. San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral are must see destinations, from which there are excellent views of the harbour, Fort Santiago ruins and Chinatown.


Visit Baguio. Drive up Kennon Road for see the outstanding countryside views. Attractions include The Mansion, the president's summer residence; Baguio Cathedral, Bell Church, and the Crystal Caves, composed of crystalline rocks and was orginally an ancient burial site.

Rice Terraces

Gaze in wonder at the breathtaking UNESCO-listed rice-terraces of Banaue, which ring the mountainsides to an impressive altitude of 1,525m, and encompass an area of 10,360 sq km. The terraces were hand-carved some 2,000 years.

Mount Halcon

Discover the stunning scenery of Mount Halcon, 2,695m high, Naujan Lake and Tamaraw Falls on Mindoro island, reached by ferry from Batangas pier, located south of Manila.

Carcar Town

In Carcar town, located south of Cebu City, with many preserved gardens, Castillian houses and churches. The Chapel of the Last Supper in Mandaue city features hand-carved lifesize statues of Christ and his apostles dating back to Spanish times.

Iloilo City 

Located on Panay island, look at the 18th-century Miagao Church, a unique piece of baroque colonial architecture with a facade decorated with impressions of papaya and coconut trees.


See the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier, on Bohol Island, also home to fascinating natural wonders that include hundreds of limestone hills, nicknamed the ‘Chocolate Hills'. In addition visit the Baclayon Church, dating back to 1595.

Mount Apo

Davao province located on the Mindanao island is the site of Mount Apo, the highest peak in the country, while the Apo Range has spectacular springs, waterfalls, forests, rapids and mountain lakes.

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro as the gateway to some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.

Lanan del Sur

Is a largely Islamic province of Lanao del Sur (Mindanao island), visit Lake Signal Hill, Lanao, the native market, Sacred Mountain, Torongan, homes of the Maranao royalty, the various Muslim mosques on the lake shores and the famous brassware of Tugaua.

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