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Austria - Climate


The Alps provide an indicator for the weather systems that influence the Austrian climate. The Atlantic is typified by low pressure fronts from the Gulf Stream, and precipitation with its main influence being on the northern slopes of the Alps, the Northern Alpine Foreland, and the Danube Valley.

The continental climate is characterized by low-pressure fronts with precipitation in summer and high-pressure systems with cold and dry air in winter. It affects mainly eastern Austria.

The Mediterranean influence is characterized by clear skies and mild to warm air, influencing the climatic conditions of the southern slopes of the Alps and that of the Southeastern Foreland.
For skiing the Alps, December is the month during which the weather systems bring snow, and the competing continental weather systems help keep it.

Vienna has a temperate continental climate ranging in  January is between -4°C to 1°C, whilst in July the range is between 15°C and 25°C.

Salzburg has a continental climate with Alpine influences because of its proximity to the mountains. Summers are warm and pleasant. Winters are cold with temperatures hovering above or below freezing, with snow a plenty.

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