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Austria - Activities


Walking and Treking in Austria

Once the snow has melted, walk and hike through the Alps' varied landscapes, ranging from forests and green slopes to glaciers and rocks. The Vorarlberg's alpine pastures provide gentle walks, while the Hohe Tauern National Park has more demanding trekking.

Opera in Austria

Go to the Opera in style. Besides the many opera performances in Austria's major towns and cities, for one with a difference, journey to Bregenz and the Upper City with its St Martinstrum (St Martin's Tower), the world's largest floating stage for summer opera productions.

Tours in Austria

Tour through one of Austria's wine-growing regions, such as Lower Austria, Southern Styria and the Burgenland; most wines, such as the well-known Riesling wine, are white, but there also some good red wines from Baden and Burgenland.

Ballroom Dancing

Dance the night away with elegance at a recreation of a traditional Austrian ball, at the annual Johann Strauss Ball, which takes place in a beautiful ballroom within the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.


Listen to classical music in the city that produced Mozart: the Salzburg Festival provides a varied programme, from singers, actors, orchestras and opera, with a breathtaking baroque backdrop to boot.


Be a culture vulture and party with Linz as it stages a year-long celebration of events marking it European Capital of Culture in 2009. Stay in a Pixelhotel room - the whole town turning itself into a hotel, and rooms will be scattered across the town in locations as unique as industrial warehouses, shops and residential districts.

Golf Course in Austria

Play golf on nearly 150 courses in what is one of Europe's fastest-growing golf destinations, with settings from the grounds of historic castles to alpine valleys and terraces.

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