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    Medical Condition

    An existing medical condition is any medical condition which:

    At the time you buy your policy is:
    • chronic; or, 
    • displaying symptoms; or, 
    • under investigation; or, 
    • pending follow-up, consultation, treatment or surgery; or where these are recommended or planned; 
    • or metastatic; 
    • or terminal; or
    in the six months prior to the time you buy your policy there has been:
    • treatment by a medical practitioner; or 
    • medication prescribed; or 
    • surgery.

    Please refer to existing medical conditions that meet the criteria for automatic cover. 

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    Snow Sports

    If you are participating in Snow sports on your trip you need to add this option to be provided cover for snow sports related events. Snow Sports cover is only available on the International Comprehensive, Annual Multi trip and Australian Travel plans.

    By selecting this option, you’ll be charged an additional premium. You can uncheck this box if you do not wish to purchase this additional cover.

    Snow sports are defined as Snow skiing and snowboarding on and off piste, back country skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, telemark skiing. Click the link to find out more about Snow Sports travel insurance.

    $0 Excess

    By selecting this option, you’ll be charged an additional premium. You can uncheck this box if you don't want to reduce your excess. Different excess options are available when you "Get a Quote".

    Variable excess option. An excess is the amount that is deducted from your claim payout. A standard excess of $250 applies to most claims. By selecting this option, you can reduce your policy excess amount to $0 on some plans. An additional excess may apply to specific medical conditions. This excess cannot be removed.


    Cruising is covered as standard. If the cruise only stops in one country, just select that country. If the cruise stops at multiple destinations, add each destination. 

    • If you are travelling to 'New Caledonia', please also add in 'South Pacific Cruise' so cruise is displayed on your Certificate of Insurance. 
    • If the cruise only visits stops within Australia, make sure you select ‘Australian Waters’ option and NOT just Australia.

    If you get sick aboard a cruise while traveling under one of our international policies, we can offer overseas medical cover on board, including if you contract Coronavirus during the trip. Make sure you’re following all relevant government and official advice. All policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply, and you should be aware there are things we don’t cover, such as your cruise being cancelled by the provider due to an epidemic or pandemic.
    Click the link to find out more about travel insurance for cruising.

    Already Overseas

    If you are already overseas and need travel insurance due to your previous policy expiring, or need to be covered while overseas and for your return trip back to Australia you can purchase while overseas. The trip must end at your home in Australia. A 72 hour waiting period may apply for policies purchased when you are already travelling. See waiting periods in the PDS for more information. 

    Annual Multi Trip

    Annual Multi Trip Plan, trip(s) means any travel up to 45 days in duration between the departure date and return date shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Each trip must:
    • Start and end at your home in Australia, and 
    • Be to a destination of at least 200km from your home in Australia, and 
    • Include travel by either pre-paid scheduled public transport or hire car, or include at least one night of pre-booked publicly available accommodation
    Designed for people who are travelling internationally and may also be travelling domestically. 


    Your children, stepchildren, grandchildren, foster children, and children for whom you are the legal guardian, who are travelling with you on the same itinerary for the entire duration of your trip and at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued are:
    • under 25 years of age, and
    • working less than 30 hours per week.

    Coronavirus Travel Costs

    This benefit covers you for specific events related to coronavirus, such as contracting the virus causing you to cancel the trip or causing your quarantine; a healthcare worker's leave being cancelled; or you being denied boarding due to your suspected infection with coronavirus. Click the link to find out more about travel insurance for coronavirus.

    COVID-19 Medical

    Overseas Medical limit - $Unlimited^ (including COVID-19. Subject to policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions).
    ^Expenses for up to 12 months from the date an illness first appears or injury first occurs. Includes reasonable and necessary overseas medical expenses arising from sudden illness or serious injury (including COVID-19).

    One Way

    Policies are available for one-way travel overseas or to return back to Australia! Enter your departure and return dates which would be your active dates of insurance. Trip must start or end at your home in Australia. Click the link to find out more about one way travel insurance.

    Thailand - History

    Travel insurance to ThailandHistory of Thailand

    Thailand has been inhabited by people for the last 20,000 year, since the palaeolithic era. Inhabitation from more modern humans has been traced back to 4000 B.C.E. where evidence of rice cultivation has been discovered, into the 3rd millennia B.C.E. where bronze tools have been discovered. 

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    The Khmer people inhabited much of South-East Asia in the 9th century B.C. building parts of their empire in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Around the 2nd century B.C.E. the people of the region would start trading more and more with merchants from India, who brought with them Hinduism, which would influence the area. From the period 100 – 1000 A.C.E. trading increased between all areas of South-East Asia. With the crossing of borders and boundaries by merchants came the exchange of culture, ideas, and goods. Spirituality and religions from India could now be found throughout South-East Asia. In particular, the Buddhist tradition had managed to spread from India/Nepal into China, and into Thailand. There are many temples throughout Thailand built in the classical Thai archaeological style. 

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    13th Century 

    Not a lot is known about Thailand prior the 13th century, much of the evidence of its history comes from archaeological finds, rather than written and recorded history. After the first millennium, Thai history and culture were better documented. Buddhism entered the country from India, and from other Indianized cultures, such as the Khmer. For example, the Dvaravati culture existed around 700 A.C.E. and was heavily influenced by Buddhism and Indian culture. The Indian traders affected much of Southeast Asia, and with Indian traders came Trade from West-Asia and Europe. Coins from Rome dated from 230 A.C.E. have been found at U Thong, one of the primary Dvaravati cities. Thailand is a wonderful country to visit for its rich culture.

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    The Thai people are said to have originated from Guangxi in China. Guangxi today is on the border with Vietnam, close to Thailand. It was during the second millennium, in the 1200s, that the Thai city-states started to separate themselves from a dwindling Khmer power. It was out of this weakened regime that the Sukhothai Kingdom emerged, who had a special way of ruling. Their method of rule was the ‘father governs children’ way, where the people would come to the king and voice their problems, they even had a special bell at the palace which people could ring to seek counsel. 

    17th Century 

    Leading up to the 17th century, Thai history is dominated by what’s known as the Ayutthaya period. The Ayutthaya people lived on an easily defensible island, and so their power flourished throughout Thailand. The word Ayutthaya is derived from the Indian language. 

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    Ayutthaya was also known as Siam which is the more common name. Ayutthaya was generous towards traders from all around the world, including Europe, and allowed them to establish camps at the city’s boundary. This amiability with global merchants transformed Thailand into a hotspot for foreign traders and particularly attracted the attention of the Portuguese. The period of trade with the Portuguese led to unprecedented economic growth, and Ayutthaya was known as the largest city in the world during the 1700s.

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    19th Century

    The 1900s were characterized by the end of absolute monarchic rule in Thailand, and the signing of the Permanent Constitution of Siam ensured a change of rule in Thailand. A prime minister was instated, and Thailand became a constitutional monarchy. During the 1930s and ’40s, fascists tried to change the regime in Thailand. Enemy number one was ethnic diversity in Thailand, and the movement was characterized by pan-nationalism i.e., only buying Thai products, respect for the national anthem etc. Thailand would attack the French presence within South-East Asia in what would become the Franco-Prussian war. Soon Japan would invade Thailand, and they’d sign a peace treaty, with Thailand and Japan eventually forging a military alliance. After WW2 the allies would occupy Thailand, with the Gurkhas imprisoning many of the Japanese occupants of Bangkok. 

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