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Travel Insurance While Jet Skiing

Planning on doing some jet skiing while on holiday and looking for Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance Saver offers cover for the activity of Jet Skiing if you injure yourself, however, there is no cover for personal liability, rental vehicle insurance excess or as a luggage item. 
Jet Ski Travel Insurance

Overseas medical and dental cover

Travel insurance plans can offer cover^ for:  
^ This is a summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.   


The below is a summary of some benefit exclusions which apply to the use of jet skis: 
Personal liability - What is not covered?
There is no cover for any liability arising out of your ownership, possession or use (including as a passenger) of a mechanically propelled vehicle for example; motor vehicle, motorcycle or any aircraft or watercraft or firearm.

Luggage and personal effects - What is not covered?
There is no cover under this benefit for watercraft of any type (excluding theft of surfboards or damage to surfboards whilst in the custody of the carriers);
Jet Ski travel insurance


Activities that are excluded from all policies 

Hunts, plays polo, races (except on foot), mountaineers using support ropes, paraglides, rock climbs, abseils, participates in base jumping, running with the bulls, or pot-holing.

Another general exclusions to consider: intentionally and recklessly place themselves in circumstances, or undertakes activities, which pose a risk to their personal safety (except in an attempt to save human life).  Please read the Products Disclosure Statement and refer to all General Exclusion associated with the policy before making a decision.  

Jet Ski Travel Insurance

Tips for Jet-Skiing

Jet-skiing can be a pretty physically intensive exercise. People who are known to the sport often find themselves quite sore the next day. Basically, the action of keeping balance and holding onto a jet-ski while you move over waves activates a lot of muscles and can be quite strenuous. It’s not recommended you go on a jet ski if you’ve suffered from any recent injuries, had any surgeries or been ill in any way. 


Travel Insurance - Jet Ski Information

Please note that Jet-Skiing has obvious medical risks and shouldn’t be attempted if you suffer from any previous physical severe injuries unless otherwise recommended by a doctor. 

If an injury is aggravated by your partaking in jet-skiing, you may be excluded from receiving full coverage unless you have applied beforehand for coverage of a specified medical condition. 

Jet ski travel insurance

Also, the use of alcohol or illicit substances while operating a vehicle, may void your travel insurance.   

Jet-Skiing is a fun activity to be enjoyed on the water and under the sun. Many travellers decide to go jet-skiing while they are overseas. If you choose to go jet-skiing on your travels, cover mnay be provided for overseas medical and medical evacuation. There is no cover for personal liability, rental vehicle insurance excess or a jet ski as a luggage item.

Jet Ski Travel Insurance

Before deciding to purchase this product, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. 

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