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Insurance Saver Pty Ltd is a company incorporated in the State of Victoria, Australia (ABN 8 624 919 366).

Travel Insurance Saver is wholly owned by Insurance Saver Pty Ltd and is bound by any rules and regulations as they apply to Insurance Saver Pty Ltd.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the system by which companies are managed. It influences how the objectives of the company are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and assessed, and how performance is optimised.

Good corporate governance procedures encourage companies to create value whilst providing accountability and controls commensurate with the risks involved.

Insurance Saver Pty Ltd is committed to high standards of corporate governance, policies and procedures.

Directors and Executive Officers Code of Conduct

This code of conduct sets ethical standards for the directors of Insurance Saver Pty Ltd.
Directors will pursue the highest standards of ethical conduct in the interests of shareholders and all other stakeholders.

The following five principals govern their conduct.

Honesty and Integrity
  1. Directors shall act honestly and with integrity in all of their dealings with the company. This includes engaging in and promoting honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between professional and personal relationships.
  2. Directors will not discriminate on the grounds of person’s race, religion, gender, marital status or disability.
  3. Directors will not make commitments that the company does not intend or would not be able to honour.
  4. Directors’ conduct at all times will be such that their honesty is beyond question.
  5. Directors shall adhere to the truth, and not mislead directly or indirectly nor make false statements, nor mislead by omission.
Confidentiality of Information
  1. Directors will take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of non-public information obtained or created in connection with their activities and to prevent unauthorised disclosure of such information.
  2. Directors will not use information obtained by them as a Director of Insurance Saver Pty Ltd for personal financial gain, nor will that information be used to obtain a financial benefit or gain for any other purpose or business.
  3. Directors shall respect the privacy of others.
Disclosure of Interests
  1. Directors shall fully disclose active private or other business interests promptly and any other matters which may lead to a potential or actual conflict of interests in accordance with such policies as the Directors may adopt from time to time.
  2. In performing their duties Directors will carry out their responsibilities to the exclusion of any other personal advantage.
  3. Directors should avoid any situation involving a conflict, or appearance of a conflict, between their personal interests and the performance of their duties. If such a conflict arises, Directors should inform the board and withdraw from participation in decision-making relating to the matter.
  4. Directors shall fully disclose any direct or indirect relationship they might have with Insurance Saver Pty Ltd.
Disclosure of Information
  1. Produce true, fair, accurate and timely disclosure in reports and documents that Insurance Saver Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries are required to make.
Abiding by the Law
  1. Directors shall abide by the law at all times, including any applicable rules and regulations.
Payments, Gifts, Entertainment and Travel
  1. Directors shall not use their status as a director to seek gain from those doing business or seeking to do business with Insurance Saver Pty Ltd.
  2. In regards to acceptance of favours, gifts and entertainment, Directors should use tact and judgment to avoid the appearance of improper influence on the performance of their official duties.

Code of Business Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to guide and enhance the conduct and behaviour of Insurance Saver Pty Ltd directors, officers, employees and contractors in performing their everyday roles. The code encourages and fosters a culture of integrity and responsibility with the focus on augmenting the Company’s reputation as an employer, business partner and corporate citizen, in all our relationships.

The Insurance Saver Pty Ltd Code of Conduct underpins the way the Company wishes to operate and should be understood and abided by all concerned.


Directors, officers, employees and contractors should approach dealings with other persons equitably and with respect. This involves:
  1. Courtesy and responsiveness in dealing with others.
  2. Fairness in supervision and dealing with other staff by valuing colleagues and their personal commitment to meet shared objectives.
  3. Encouraging cooperation and engaging rational debate to accomplish alternative points of view.
  4. Avoiding behaviour that might reasonably be perceived as harassment, bullying or intimidation.
  5. Understanding and responding to the needs of our business partners and other stakeholders.
Respect for the Law

Directors, officers, and employees should gain, and act accordingly by observing and respecting the laws, customs and business methods of all countries in which we operate to the extent that we adhere to the underlying principles of the Code of Conduct.


Directors, officers, employees should consistently maintain their integrity while carrying out their duties by avoiding conflicts between their private interests and their responsibilities to:
  1. Personal, financial and sexual relationships.
  2. Receipt of gifts and other benefits that may create an obligation.
  3. Use of confidential information obtained in the course of your duties.
  4. External activities and public comment.

Directors, officers, employees and contractors should carry out their roles in a professional and conscientious manner. This involves:
  1. Endeavouring to achieve the highest standards of performance and adhering to professional codes of conduct where applicable.
  2. Exercising care for others in employment-related activities.
  3. Taking responsibility for all issues for which we have control.
  4. Reporting fraudulent or corrupt activities.
Economy and Efficiency

Directors, officers, employees and contractors should carry out their roles in a cost-effective and responsible manner. This includes:
  1. Using Insurance Saver Pty Ltd property and equipment only for authorised company business.
  2. Avoiding waste of company resources.
  3. Maintenance of adequate security over Insurance Saver Pty Ltd property and resources.


The Insurance Saver Pty Ltd Code of Conduct underpins the way the Company wishes to operate and should be understood and abided by all concerned

Managing Director - Mr Stephen C Grey

The founder of Insurance Saver, Stephen has been involved in the Australian travel and tourism industry for the past twenty years. Specifically, Stephen was Managing Director of the Wannon group of companies which primarily provided passenger transport and tourism-related services.