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Activities in the United Kingdom



There are courses in every corner of the UK, from famous courses to more modest ones. A round at one of the more popular courses, such as the Old Course at St Andrews, needs to be booked well in advance

Hiking & Camping

Want to get away from the city life, there are plenty of camping sites and hiking tracks through national parks and country side.
Travel rides and pack trips are available to book. Great opportunity to get out in the country side.
There are 14 national parks and numerous other protected natural areas in England and Wales. Although nearly all land (including land in national parks) in the UK is privately owned, walkers have access to it along rights of way that are marked on maps and usually signposted. There are also areas where it is permissible to go beyond the rights of way, and these are known as ‘open country’.

Hunting & Fishing

If you are into throwing in a line and relaxing by the river than you try some Top tope fishing in the Summer from Brancaster Staithe and cod fishing from Lomestoft in the Winter.

Lakes, Rivers and Oceans

With an abundance of boat tours including canoeing, kayaking boating tours available or get right into the oceanic spirit for some sailing/ yachting or even get a little bit wet with some scuba diving and snorkeling along the coast.

Leisure & Relaxation

If you really want to holiday take a hot spring tour or do some R & R at a one of many day spa resorts through the United Kingdom.

On Two Wheels

To get a better perspective of specific cities and townships you can hire bikes that are readily to the public or get an in-depth bicycle tour.

Snow & Ice

Offering snow skiing and even helicopter-skiing to get a piece of untouched snow. Make sure that you don’t go off piste skiing because travel insurance will not be covered in an emergency.

Specialty Tours & Activities

Get involved in the many specialty tours and activities such as

  • Artisan Tours
  • Brewery & Distillery Tours
  • Cemetery & Ghost Tours
  • Farms & Farm Tours
  • Garden Tours
  • Laser Tag & Paintball
  • Learning Programs & Vacations
  • Photography & Painting Tours
  • Rail Tours
  • Self-Guided Tours

Want to get up high

Get involve in the many of the Arial activities including airplane tours, ballooning, hang gliding, paragliding, helicopter tours, skydiving and zip lines. Make sure that you check your limitation on your travel insurance policy for there may be a restriction for specific activities.

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