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Activities in Tahiti


Sailing Lessons

If you want to ditch the skipper, than that lesson from experiences sailor and travel out with friends and family. Tahiti is known for its sailing so it is great opportunity to learn the sport.

Scuba Diving

 Tahiti offers an abundance of water sports including scuba diving. Tahiti offers dives for beginners and experienced divers around sharks and ship wreaks

Go for an Outing on a Quad

Discover the Papenoo Valley offers rivers, mountains and waterfalls simple a picturesque atmosphere.


The north coast offers good surfing, where there are both beach breaks and reef breaks. The best time to surf is actually in the winter, where there are big waves caused from storms in Antarctica and New Zealand.
Popular reef breaks are: Taapuna pass, Paea and Papara yet Papara hasn’t got the biggest breaks.

Watch a Surf Competition

The dates of surfing competitions depend on the size of the waves during a specified period of time. Local paper will keep you well updated about local surd competitions
The Billabong Tahiti Pro is normally held each May. This is the Top 44 WCT (world competition tour), which takes place on the west side of Tahiti Iti, in the mythic waves of Teahupoo.

Golf Course of Atimaono

The Olivier Breaud International Golf Course is a 6,944-yard, par 72 course, and is Tahiti's only 18-hole golf course.

Bodysurfing or Bodyboarding

If the breaking waves beckon to you but you're not quite ready to commit to standing up on a surfboard, try bodysurfing.

4-Wheel Drive Mountain Safari

Travel to Papenoo valley. The interior of the island can be crossed on a trail that follows the large valley, rich in archaeological sites and spectacular views of impressive waterfalls.


Bare boat  charters have grown in popularity due to the experience of hiring a catamaran with full provisions for multiply days/ weeks. If you aren’t an experience sailor you can hire your own skipper. This is great opportunity to see the hot spots that may be missed when travelling without skipper.

Snorkel at a Plane Wreck

Snorkelling is very popular with easy availability to fins and goggles
Snorkel beautiful sites and swim on the ocean’s surface in the warm current, where
you can see schools of colourful fish nibbling on the coral reef.

Learn Windsurfing

There's an abundance of warm water and gentle breezes in Tahiti, so it is an excellent place to windsurf.

Horse Riding

There are several first-class facilities available in Tahiti; the horses are usually from the Marquesas Islands. If you do get back on the horse travel to the  Secret Mountain.

Take a Flying Lesson

Go for a flight-seeing tour or take an introductory flying lesson.

Drive a Go-Kart

Go Karting is great for the traveller looking for abit of adrenalin pumping. Visit you local information centre for detail to locate the closest track.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is a recreational activity for visitors to French Polynesia. Game fish include marlin, yellow fin tuna, sailfish, swordfish, mahi mahi, barracuda and other pelagic fish.

Kayak in the Lagoon

Discover the lagoon by kayak. The windward side of Punaauia is one of the most highly acclaimed beaches in Tahiti.

Try Water Skiing

Introductory and advanced water ski lessons with a qualified instructor; also wake-board, ski-tubes, mono-ski and barefoot skiing lessons are available. If you are an experience skier just get out there and show what you got.

How About a Hang Gliding Lesson

This sport is unique in Tahiti because of the marvellous beauty of the mountain sites and the multiple rocky points that serve as launching pads for hang gliders. Come and discover a bird’s eye view of Tahiti
from the sky.

Hunt Wild Pigs

Contact the president of the Association de Chasseur de Punaauia at the Punaauia town hall for details and booking enquiries.

Watch an Outrigger Canoe Race

Racing pirogues are slener canoes around 25 feet long. All have an outrigger attached to one side and are manned by one, three, six or more paddlers. These racing canoes are used in several international class competitions each year.

Hike Aorai Mountain

Climbing Mount Aorai which towers 2 066 m. The mountain offers a very pleasant walk and can be done without a guide.

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Covers trips up to 60 days overseas and within Australia for 12 months
Adult 1
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Dependent children are covered for free, age limits apply.