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What is the best travel insurance for me?

Best Travel Insurance

What’s the best travel insurance for me?

There are many different travel insurance policies available online for the average traveller. The beauty of the internet is that you can compare prices and choose the best travel insurance policy which is suitable for your trip

How do you decide what is the best policy for your trip? 

The best travel insurance for your circumstance will depend on the activities you are planning, the duration of your trip, age and the price of the policy for the specific benefits that you require. We have a number of products aimed for different traveller circumstances to best meet your travel requirements. We are an award winning company and Travel Insurance Saver is 100% Australian owned and operated.
Best travel insurance

If you use the quoting panel displayed on this page, you’ll be able to type in the trip details, from there you’ll be given a selection of applicable quotes where you can compare travel insurance benefits and rates to select which is policy is best for you. Travellers usually don’t want to be stuck with coverage for things they’re not going to use, sometimes this is unavoidable as the product benefits are fixed.
You’ll still want to choose a travel insurance policy that covers the circumstances of your trip – whether it be a business trip, a holiday with family, or a cruise with a loved one.


What represents the best travel insurance?

Always consider the benefit of travelling with the best travel insurance policy cover that meets your circumstances when going on holiday, cruise or business trip.
When you are travelling overseas, you shouldn't disregard the value and peace of mind by protecting yourself against the unexpected issues. It is always a wise choice to consider taking the best travel insurance policy with regards to both value and quality for your travelling needs. Quality cover offers that security against unforeseen incidents associated with travelling that can cause unexpected out of pocket expenses, which can overnight spoil your vacation or holiday. Quality travel cover can provide excellent compensation protection against those different and varied types of risks that can happen when you are abroad.

“Why Is It Important To Take the Best Travel Insurance Before Going Abroad”?

Best Travel Insurance
Facing sudden unexpected expenses when you are abroad can be challenging to deal with. They can put you in a complicated position; mainly when there is no one to turn to for financial help.

nib travel insurance policies all include a toll-free number that you can call in any situation, whether it be just a question or for a major incident. nib interternal assistance

Here is a look at the top 5 benefits that you can get by taking travel insurance:

  • In case you are affected by a severe sudden illness 
  • If your baggage is lost or stolen while travelling to the destination 
  • In case of trip cancellation or flight delay 
  • You have lost your passport or travel documents. 
  • The requirement of medical evacuation or repatriation
To receive the best travel insurance for your holiday or business trip, you will need a travel insurance policy to cover the benefits above and much more. 

We provide flexible plans, so you can select the one that is suitable regarding the price and benefits. If you frequently travel, consider taking an Annual Multi Trip policy it will cover multiple trips up to 60 days per trip departing and return back to Australia. 

When picking the best policy, ensure that you look into its exact benefits. Look for a policy that offers a variety of benefits that are suitable for your trip.   

You can take a policy for yourself as well as for the entire family. Travel insurance is available for Australian residents & non-Australian residents regardless of age.

Best Travel Insurance
Is Travel Insurance Expensive?

If you are worried about the cost of travel insurance, don't be. An essential policy can be very affordable. You can quickly view travel insurance quotes via our website by using the online quoting facility on this page. Select the Country/Region spent the majority of the trip, Travel Dates & Ages in the quote box on this page to display premiums and benefits. Compare travel insurance and proceed by click on Buy Now to complete online. You will receive your certificate of insurance via email immediately after purchase. Emergency contact details are on the certificate of insurance, email to you straight after you purchase
Take action to get covered and secure yourself and family when travelling. 
Our website is a great avenue to compare quality travel insurance quotes that best meet your travel requirements.

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Website is currently under maintenance. We will be back on Monday the 9th of December, 2019.
Please feel free to contact us with any Travel Insurance enquiries.
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