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Why Family Travel Insurance Is A Must to Have

Heading away on a family vacation and looking for travel insurance that you cover you for Medical, Evacuation, Cancellation. Yes, all of nib Travel Insurance policies have these included on all international travelplan, however, it is the additional items such as delay flights, cruising, luggage etc that are vital to your family holiday. Travel Insurance Saver understands this and has created a quoting panel to compare the benefit easily to find the right policy all at a discounted price.Family travel insurance


Heading overseas with the Family

We work hard to give our child the best but at the right price!
This hard work means that every now and again, you are going to need a good holiday. A holiday is a great way to unwind and relax, get back in touch with your roots, and forget about the troubles that the 9 – 5, mechanistic working life brings. 
When you are on your holiday, you are going to want things to run as smoothly as possible. No nasty surprises please, we get enough of them at home. This time we would rather relax, let our hair down, or what’s left of it anyway.
How can we minimize risk while maximizing our chances of enjoying our holiday?
With a little thing called ‘Travel Insurance’. Yes, those two little words are becoming increasingly popular, and more than ever necessary in this highly complicated world that we live in. 
If you wish to have a fulfilling holiday without worrying about any unnecessary hindrances, family travel insurance is more than a necessary, it is a compulsory holiday travel aid. Protection for your financial and mental wellbeing. 
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What might go wrong?

One typical travel calamity is to discover upon arrival that your luggage has been lost. All international travel insurance provides provisional cover for lost or delayed luggage. This also applies to the theft of luggage. There is cover available for more than just your general luggage. Separate cover is afforded for things like cameras, phones, jewellery, golf clubs etc. You can even pay to include separate valuable items that you need specific coverage for; this could be an expensive family heirloom or something to that effect. 
Of course, we understand that travel insurance is mainly purchased for overseas medical support. When travelling as a family, you are usually travelling with children, and children tend to get sick a lot more often than adults. Children have less developed immune systems, so they are more likely to develop flu-like symptoms and viruses. Children’s flus are also passed onto adults a lot more easily. So, when families travel as a group, it is common for one sickness to pass easily between family members. 

Travel Insurance for Families

Travel insurance is vital to protect families when travelling. All international travel plans offer unlimited medical and dental coverage. These policies are can be viewed by completing a travel insurance quote to compare products and benefits. . 
Family travel insurance 
Medical expenses in overseas hospitals can also be astronomically expensive, particularly if you are going to be in the USA and western hospitals in China. Also, certain hospitals in some overseas countries lack adequate facilities to deal with particular medical emergencies. In these situations, it is necessary to have also medical evacuation and repatriation. Medical evacuation means that in the event of emergency, you can be safely moved from one hospital to a more adequate hospital. Or, in certain situations, transported back to Australia for medical care. It also allows for you to receive emergency helicopter evacuation if you are in an isolated area; this kind of treatment is invaluable if you are hiking or trekking in mountainous regions. 

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There is also provision for cancellation and holiday deferment. If a member of your family falls ill and you need to cancel your trip, there is provision to reimburse for that. Likewise, if your family needs to cut your holiday short because a family member at home has fallen ill or been injured, there is provision to cut a holiday short, and even resume the holiday later. This is a good way to nullify the effect of lost airfares and accommodation, which can really add up. 
Travel Insurance Saver offers discount comprehensive travel insurance and deliver a wide range of policies relevant for families. Annual multi-trip and single-trip insurance are both useful for families who are looking to travel overseas. For all your travel needs, Travel Insurance Saver can help you in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. 

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Website is currently under maintenance. We will be back on Monday the 9th of December, 2019.
Please feel free to contact us with any Travel Insurance enquiries.
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