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Where To Get Backpacker Travel Insurance


Backpacker Travel Insurance 

Backpackers travel insurance is designed to be cheap and affordable for those of you who are deciding to go backpacking while you are overseas. You will want a policy that is streamlined, economical and also one that provides medical and medical evacuation cover.  

Usually, backpackers travel for a lot longer than the average traveller so you will want a policy that can be extended up to 12 months. If you wish to travel for 24 months, or are unsure, you have options to extend or take out a new travel insurance policy while overseas

Personalized Insurance 

When you're buying your policy, try to think about any of the activities you might possibly take part in while you travel, when you’re sure you know all of them, check if the travel insurance policy will provide the right cover for you. 

Backpacking might involve some perils that other forms of travel do not. Many backpackers travel economically, putting themselves in a dangerous situation. 

The propensity to travel with strangers, live in ordinary rooms, and travel by foot or motorcycle in many cases, means that travel insurance is even more necessary. Backpackers are adventure seekers traveling the world, at their own risk, so purchasing a backpacker travel insurance policy before you depart is even more necessary than ever. You may also get involved with a number of activities if you are backpacking, such as bungee jumping or even scuba diving. For these particular activities, as a backpacker, you will need bungee jumping travel insurance or scuba diving travel insurance


Travel insurance companies are aware of the backpacker's needs and have designed the policies particularly for them. You can even find a policy online. There are companies that specialize in comparing different insurance company quotes for you. 

The benefit of shopping online are quite immense, you can pick and choose travel insurance policies easily. 

What to look for? 

Backpackers travel insurance takes into account the risks that you're exposed to and helps you find the coverage you require. Here are certain lines of coverage to look for while buying your policy.


You obviously don't want to lose what you're carrying with you. Losing your baggage at the airport can be a lame way to start a holiday, at least with travel insurance you can assure yourself that you may be covered in this regard. 


You don't want to travel alone and without money. Having travel insurance that provides provision for lost cash and passports can be a huge relief. 

Medical coverage:  

Serious medical care is immensely costly, and basically out of the budget of most backpackers. Your travel insurance policy should cover you during the event of a medical emergency which would include hospital and evacuation expenses. 

Personal Liability:  

You may fall into potential liabilities while you travel abroad. Accidental damages to someone or someone's property may put you in a tough financial position, so in some policies personal liability insurance is available.   

Backpacking is fun and exciting and can be potentially dangerous at times so it is essential to get a travel insurance policy that is going to look after you while you are travelling the globe. 

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