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Smart Traveller Travel Insurance

Smart Traveller Travel Insurance

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For most Australians, overseas travel is a beautiful experience. 

Unfortunately, however, every day Smart Traveller consular officers deal with human tragedies involving the death, injury or hospitalisation of Australians abroad. 

Each year Smart Traveller officers handle over 25,000 cases involving Australians in difficulty overseas. This includes over 1,200 hospitalisations, 900 deaths and 50 evacuations of Australians to another location for medical purposes. 

Smart TravelerSmart Traveller advice and tips for purchasing Travel Insurance

  • Always read the product disclosure statement and ensure that you understand exactly what your travel insurance covers. 
  • Always read the product disclosure statement and ensure that you understand exactly what your travel insurance covers.
  • Travel insurance is not unlimited. It may not cover you for cancellation or change to travel plans.
  • Clarify any policy issues directly with the insurer
  • Ensure that medical cover is adequate for possible expenses in the country you are going to visit
  • In some parts of the world medical costs can be very expensive
  • Ensure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions you may have
  • Cover for luggage and personal belongings is limited and expensive items such as cameras, laptops and jewellery may have a per-item limit
  • It’s important to remember that when we travel overseas we enter an environment that is different from the one we are used to. Even when we travel to countries similar to our own, subtle changes in the environment can change our mental state. This can be disarming and can cause us to be frivolous – particularly for young people. It’s also important to remember that handling difficult situations overseas is much more complicated than it is at home. It’s recommended you purchase some form of travel insurance for any trip, whether it be business or vacation, and save yourself the hassle should you run into any obstacles overseas. 

We also urge you to view travel advice from Smart Traveller website before travelling.

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.   

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