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Canadians are well-regarded as some of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world. Known for their sense of humour, progressive attitudes and the love and care they have for their natural environment – this makes Canada a fantastic country to travel to for tourists. 

If you love the outdoors, Canada is the place to be. In the summertime, they take part in hikes and treks through some of the most pristine wilderness in the world. Tall mountain peaks blanketed in the thick alpine forest make for some unforgettable hikes. You’re likely to spot countless animals on your hike, such as marmots, squirrels, deer, hawks and maybe even a few predators as well. Wolves, cougars and bears are more afraid of you than you are of them, but you’re encouraged to make a lot of noise on your walk so they know you’re coming. People usually carry bear-bells on them, this creates a lot of sound on the trail and ensures animals can clear the path before you arrive. 
During their winter seasons, you can hit the slopes of the numerous mountains and ski towns surrounding you. Across the country, there are ski resorts and destinations where Australians can enjoy some of the finest powder conditions in the world. Some of the popular attractions available are Montmorency Falls Park in Quebec City, which includes an attractive frozen waterfall or head to Banff where you can visit the famous Lake Louise, hike around its shores and head into the mountains for some incredible vistas. 
Canada is also highly-multicultural, particularly in urban centres like Vancouver and Toronto. Because of this, Canadian’s have become accustomed to a diverse range of cuisine, they’ll never settle for less than the food industry standard when it comes to their meals so there will be plenty on offer to fill the belly when travelling to Canada. 
Canada travel insurance

Canada Travel Insurance

Health expenditure when travelling may cost a fortune with certain hospitals charging up to one thousand dollars a day eliminating the doctor’s professional fee as well as the diagnostic laboratory fee. All these expenses may be charged directly to the sufferer and his/her family. This high and unexpected cost could easily ruin a holiday, especially if hospital fees range in the tens of thousands – it could put you off going on holiday for the rest of your life..
Travel Insurance Saver provides a number of options for Australians travelling to Canada such as IEC for 2 years to off-piste skiing. There’s an ideal travel insurance plan based on your personal needs. Travel Insurance Saver understands how you want to travel and tries to offer a product to fit your travel requirements. We have outlined specific travel insurance when travelling to Canada. Please refer to the Canada travel insurance page or contact us if you have any questions.