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Re-sit an Exam when travelling

Are you a full-time student travelling overseas and worried you might need to re-sit a supplementary exam?

The post-exam period should be a time of celebration and enjoyment. Many students can't wait to embark on their long-awaited and well earnt overseas trips after a problematic exam period. 

If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort planning a working holiday or gap year, or even just a regular holiday for your holiday break, the last thing you’ll want is to have to cancel it. This is sometimes the case for students who need to sit supplementary exams during their holiday period. People sit supplementary exams for many different reasons, and most of the time it’s completely out of their control.
 Resit exam travel insurance

Taking out a travel insurance policy as you start planning your holiday will ensure that should you have to sit any supplementary exams, you’ll be able to cancel/defer your holiday. You’ll be reimbursed for money lost if your holiday cancellation or deferment is the result of you having to sit a supplementary exam.


Cover for resitting a supplementary exam?

Many travellers arrive at their holiday destination after a strenuous and stressful study period to learn that they just missed the bar with one or more of your exams, not wanting to lose out on the money you spent for flights, tours, accommodation, this can leave you with a gut-wrenching sense of frustration.  

What most don’t know is that through Travel Insurance Saver, you are eligible to return home and re-sit your supplementary examination conducted by the educational institution that you are enrolled with. (So long as the student is studying full-time). Applicable to any member of your travel party so long as they are a part of the Travel Insurance policy taken out before departure. 

Resit exam travel insurance cover

So, even if you’re already overseas, you can still return home and sit your exam, and you’ll be covered for the cost of flights. 

How does this work? Am I eligible?

Student travel insuranceTravel Insurance Saver offers cancellation and holiday deferment costs which will compensate students for any unused pre-paid travel arrangements due to needing to cancel your holiday and return to their place of residence to re-sit a failed examination. This coverage is available under all of the policies available when you get a travel insurance quote, so long as the limits provided on your policy aren’t exceeded. 

Have confidence when travelling with a nib Travel Insurance policy, and always refer to the Product Disclosure Statement when taking out any travel insurance policy. 

If you need clarification, please call contact Travel Insurance Saver – our office staff will be happy to assist you with any questions. 
Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.   

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