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Remember when comparing travel insurance policies online


As the saying goes, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” Traveling is a dynamic experience and an excellent way to calm down or get excited depending on where you go. The travel experience can change drastically depending on what happens to you while abroad. 

Aim for the best: 

One of the most essential parts of planning for any trip is comparing different travel insurance policies online. This may enable you to get the best value from your travel insurance policy. You should always aim to get a policy that meets your travel requirements, and also contact friendly customer service with any questions that you might have. Planning a holiday and taking out the right cover can be complicated sometimes so it helps if you can talk to a friendly person over the phone who can help you with your concerns.  

All travel insurance policies have differences and similarities, it’s always important to read the fine print of the PDS to ensure you’re not missing out on anything. 

You should be able to speak to someone who can provide you with the appropriate information you need. If you speak to someone over the phone and you’re not happy with the service, that’s usually a good indicator of whether to proceed with your purchase of the travel insurance plan. 

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Plan type:

There are numerous types of plans available online which may suit different travellers’ requirements. That’s the best thing about comparing online plans.  Different plans work best depending on who is travelling. Seniors may want to include cruise cover in their policy, and also opt for more comprehensive coverage. Younger people, like students and backpackers, may often vie for a cheaper policy as they are travelling on a budget.

Add-on features: 

There are numerous different benefits you can add on for your policy. If you’re travelling on a business trip, and you travel multiple times per year, you might want to consider a multi-trip option. The Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance policy allows you to go frequently travel back and forth from Australia. Please check that any one trip doesn't exceed the maximum duration of the Annual Multi Trip policy. This is ideal if you travel frequently between Australia and other countries on business. 

Claim and service history:

You must go through the service and claims history of your insurance firm. What’s so good about an insurance firm if it doesn’t pay your claims on time and if it doesn’t come to your help when you need it? You always have the option to claim regardless of the situation, it's up to determine if your claim is valid based on case by case scenario. 

You should make sure that the provider offers a 24x7 emergency assistance phone number and preferrably have the call centre based in Australia, and also check that they have an online claim process.    

Medical expenses: 

Medical coverage is usually the number one priority for people purchasing travel insurance. When you travel overseas, you forego your government provided medical coverage. The beauty of travel insurance is that you usually be offered with unlimited medical coverage if you don't have any existing medical conditions and in the case of travelling to place like North America, this really is invaluable as it is very expensive. 

Travel insurance is a sort of blessing, a protective force for all travellers. To relish the benefits, you need to conduct detailed research, compare and pick the plan that best fits your needs. So as to obtain the best travel insurance, it’s advisable to compare travel insurance online as this may allow you to take out the best polcy for your travel needs.  

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