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Packing Up for Travel: Things to Remember before Going on Overseas Trips


Travelling overseas is exciting and enjoyable. You’ll experience a different culture and go to places you’ve never been before. Prepare well for your journey by purchasing travel insurance that fits your needs in the event of an accident or issue while travelling. Your safety is of the utmost importance so it is important to read the PDS thoroughly so that it covers the most important items to your travel experience. This way you can remain relaxed during your vacation, which is the point of vacationing in the first place.

How can you ensure that you’ll be safe in your journey? Getting travel insurance for your overseas travel needs can cover you in case the unexpected happens. You should always take precaution when travelling of your own personal belongings and health, and it pays to have travel insurance when you need it. Remember that your safety is your responsibility, and travel insurance policies don't cover purposeful negligence and intoxication. 

Travel Insurance Saver recommend the following safety rules to travellers. These minimise the chances of untoward incidents, letting you enjoy your holiday.

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Learning More About Your Destination

It’s fun to go out on your own and visit a place you’ve never been before. However, it can be risky if you haven’t appropriately researched your destination. Learn more about the local laws and customs before you go. If the place isn’t known for speaking your language, learn some basic terms that will help you get by, such as basic greetings and expressions. This can help you communicate in a straightforward manner, which might even endear you to the locals. A dictionary of English with translations in the local language might do you some good too.

Prepare your itinerary well, and stay in accommodations that you feel safe in. 

Getting Ready for Travel Insurance

Travel insurance offers you coverage for unforeseen emergencies that might happen while you’re in a foreign country. Find out more about different policies, and compare the incidents where they provide financial support. Consider taking out an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy if you’re planning to take multiple trips overseas within the next 12 months. Always consider the duration limits before purchasing. 

You should always look for cover for the following circumstances:

  • Medical and Dental cover for injuries and illnesses
  • Personal liability insurance for situations where you’re sued for causing damage or injury to somebody's property. 
  • Lost and stolen luggage - always report to the police immediately after you have noticed your luggage has been stolen. You will require a police report to lodge your claim
  • Cancellation cover for prepaid bookings such as flights, cruises and accommodation if you are unable to continue your trip. 
  • Additional cover for potentially dangerous activities such as skiing and Snowboarding. . 
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Preparing Your Luggage

If you can do without it, don’t bring it. It is best not to carry the items you don’t need, such as high-end or heavy gadgets, jewellery, and other costly possessions. This way, you minimise the chances of theft. You should also prepare copies of your passports and driver’s licence that you can bring to the places you’re planning to visit. You can place the originals in the hotel safe for safekeeping as soon as you arrive. In many hotels, leaving your passport with them until you check out is mandatory.

Attaching ID keychains or stickers to your luggage to easily locate is wise. You won’t have difficulty looking for your luggage this way. This mostly helps when you get off the plane and other crowded passenger terminals. You can also buy luggage with unique colours or designs.

Please get a quote to compare travel plans or feel free to Get in touch with Travel Insurance Saver if you have any questions. This way, you can start comparing the right travel insurance for your holiday away.

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