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Travel Insurance Saver has been covering Australian's travelling overseas for several years and we wanted to highlight some of the claims that have occurred and to our customer and how we were able to help them.


Broken pelvis surfing in IndonesiaTestimonial - Surfing

A broken pelvis was the outcome of a surf injury in remote Indonesia. By providing first aid advice over the phone to the injured man’s friend until he could be safely rescued by first light the next day, Our provider arranged for an Air Ambulance to get the surfer back to Australia for hospital care.

COST $112,000

Helicopter evacuation from base camp, Mt EverestTestimonial - Evacuation

A 28-year-old female fell sick whilst trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest. The medical team assessed the patient, provided advice about her ongoing trip and paid her medical and evacuation costs, directly to the local providers.

COST $19,000

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Evacuation from remote CambodiaTestimonials - Cambodia

After slipping on rocks whilst travelling in remote Cambodia, a 62-year-old male suffered a fractured pelvis. After assessing the situation, our provider arranged his evacuation. Following a stretcher-flight to Bangkok for surgery and stabilisation, they arranged for his return home and ongoing rehabilitation.

COST $67,500 


Cancer diagnosis causes trip cancellationTestimonials - Cancer

After presenting with jaundice, a 66-year-old male was diagnosed with cancer leading to the cancellation of a trip to Slovakia.

COST $11,480 

Broken collar bone in BaliTestimonials - Bali Beach

A 40-year-old man slipped and fell whilst walking on the beach. He broke his collar bone. We helped him through surgery and post-op care and repatriation home.
COST $12,500

Disc prolapse causes European trip cancellationTestimonials - Disc Prolapse

After suffering a disc prolapse after purchasing her policy, a 65-year-old female was forced to cancel her trip to Europe.
COST $22,000 
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