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Traveling to the UK? Need Travel Insurance for a holiday to the United Kingdom

It’s a misconception that accidents are likely to take place in the UK. While you’re possibly a lot less expected to face Delhi belly in Dartmouth or stew it on the sangria in Scunthorpe there’s still a great deal that can go wrong on a United Kingdom holiday.

Travel Insurance to the United Kingdom 

The issues one is likely to encounter on a foreign break are still pertinent if you’re travelling in the United Kingdom. Low-cost airlines usually mean that it’s frequently cheaper to travel via aircraft thanit is by train or car and airports are infamous breeding grounds for holiday associated misfortune, with lost passports, lost luggage and delayed flights. If you travel often to the UK for business or pleasure for short durations it’s worth considering an Annual Multi Trip policy. This policy can cover you if you are frequently travelling back and forth from Australia to the United Kingdom. Please always consider the longest trip duration to ensure that it doesn't exceed the duration limit that exists on an Annual Multi Trip policy.
Other factors are your health if you are hospitalised or if you are seriously injured and need to be flown home in a medical escort plane. These cost can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. 
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UK Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is still important for more reasons than those listed above. You might have booked a holiday away in a log cabin in the Lake District, but if a family member or loved one suddenly falls sick and you can no longer make it to the trip you could be very out of pocket. In such a state, without travel insurance to the UK, you may lose a great deal of money due to cancellation of your trip. Make sure that when you are comparing travel insurance you read the PDS and consider any benefits limits. 
The medical phase of travel insurance is one of the most crucial aspects to be considered when travelling abroad because overseas medical care is usually inflated. While travelling in the UK you may think that the Reciprocal Health Care plan means that you’re likely to gain all the medical care and attention you need free of charge. This is not always the case and you need to consider the risks if you are injured and require medical attention. 
Having a glance over everything that may possibly go wrong, possessing a valid travel insurance policy seems a small price to travel with peace of mind.
*Please note: Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Before deciding to purchase this product, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. Please get a quote to view the PDS.


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