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Medical Travel Insurance - Things to Consider

When planning international travel, some trips are planned months ahead from the departure date. Other trips are planned in the week leading up to take-off. Every overseas holiday is different. Whenever you plan an overseas trip, however the manner or timing, we can all agree there are a few things that need to be considered. 
Which airline will you fly with, will you be hiring a car when you arrive, or are you taking a cruise? What kind of clothes are you taking, packing light or bringing the expensive stuff? Will you be travelling on business, and if so, will you be bringing a laptop with you? These kinds of things come under cancellation or luggage insurance, which is included on all international policies. luggage limits apply.

Of course, with an international travel insurance policy you may be covered for much more than just that. The universally beneficial medical travel insurance is usually one of the main reasons people purchase travel insurance but don't take out a policy that doesn't include medical evacuation. That can cost $10,000's of dollar. 

Medical travel insurance protects both your health and your wallet. It has been said many times before that medical travel insurance is an essential part of any overseas travel plan. Unlimited medical is included on all international travel insurance policies for policy holders that don't have any existing medical conditions. Alongside medical is medical repatriation, which allows you to be brought back to your country of residence to seek proper medical treatment. 
Medical Travel Insurance   
You should consider what kind of country you may be travelling to, whether they have a good medical infrastructure, and what the costings are for their basic medical services. If you are travelling to North America, you should have travel insurance. North America is renowned for its costly hospital stays, a few weeks in hospital with surgery could cost more than a hundred thousand dollars. The small price of travel insurance is nothing to what you can save on hospital bills in a foreign country. 

You may want to ensure that you have basic cruise cover if you are planning on going on a cruise . Cruise cover allows provisional cover for medical expenses incurred while onboard a cruise ship. For domestic policies please select 'Australian Waters' to view cruise travel insurance quotes. This usually occurs when people take cruises around the country or depart from one port and return back to the same port.   
You should always make sure you obtain a travel insurance policy when you go overseas, save yourself the headache and enjoy a stress free vacation. 


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