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Medical Travel Insurance - A Fair Deal

Whenever you plan to travel overseas, it’s always important that you take out a good travel insurance policy. You should always cover yourself for medical and medical evacuation at the very least. You mightn’t be anticipating getting hurt, we never do, however, it’s important that you still prepare for the unexpected so you’re not caught out.
There are so many benefits to having medical travel insurance, and it's usually so affordable that you don’t really have to worry about being out of pocket. 

  • Medical travel insuranceGet good medical care. If you should have an accident and require medical attention while travelling overseas, you’ll likely want to see a doctor or go to a hospital as soon as you can. The longer you travel with an injury or illness, the more your trip is likely to be affected. If you don’t have travel insurance, you don’t want to go to a second-rate doctor and receive questionable treatment, and potentially worsen your situation. Get comprehensive travel insurance and seek proper treatment while you’re overseas. 
  • Skip ‘foreigner’ fees. Depending on what country you travel to, you may be charged with additional fees for being a foreign tourist. This is obviously unfair but is all too common for people travelling in foreign countries, where the host language is different to your own and you’re at a disadvantage. If you’re paying straight from your pocket, the actual cost could be difficult to comprehend and pinpoint. With medical travel insurance you’re covered, if something happens, your travel insurance provider may pay for the medical cost. 
  • Australian Government in most all cases will not pay for medical in a foreign country. This is a misconception, with almost 30% of Australian travellers believing the Australian Government will foot the bill. This is not the case and if you travel without travel insurance and you need medical treatment you will have to pay out of your own pocket in the large majority of countries. 
  • Emergency medical evacuation. Traveling in Australia or a foreign county, some hospitals aren’t equipped to deal with certain medical situations. If you’re in a rural area, or somewhere where the hospital can’t treat your condition, it may be necessary for them to medically evacuate you. If this is the case, make sure that you have medical evacuation included on your policy. 
  • The arrival of a body. No one would ever imagine dying in a foreign land, especially during your holiday, but unluckily this does happen at times. In such a situation, your medical travel insurance may not cover repatriation of remains or ashes back to your home country, so make sure that you have some cover for accidental death to prevent a further burden on your family.
Medical travel insurance
Medical travel insurance is undoubtedly something that every traveller must consider. You obviously don’t want to end up being sick or injured on your vacation and without alternatives. Medical travel insurance enables you to attain the best care and for the expenses to be covered, so you can concentrate on recovering and enjoying the rest of your vacation.