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Travel Insurance Saver offers travel insurance to non-Australian residents travelling to Australia. We cover travellers up to 69 years of age. The Inbound Traveller to Australia policy includes emergency medical and dental coverage. Get a quote, with the country most time spent as Australia to view the Inbound Traveller to Australia travel insurance benefits.

Travel insurance for visitors to Australia

For many people, travelling is the ultimate passion. Travelling enables people to take a break from their day to day lives. Seeing the vast world is a great way to relieve stress and get in touch with yourself. There is no land quite like the great Southern-land of Australia, where beauty and adventure abound in plenty. As such, there are many things to consider before you travel to Australia. 

When travelling to any overseas country there are always risks involved. Injury, travel delays, illness, environmental disasters; these all affect the usual traveller more than one would like to think. Accordingly, it has become both mandatory and essential for visitors to purchase travel insurance before entering the country of Australia. Even when opting for a smaller trip, visitor’s travel insurance can prove to be vital, and in the case of visitation to Australia, it is a compulsory necessity.  

Before applying for travel insurance for visitors to Australia, we encourage you to review the policy benefits online for yourself.
Visitor to Australia travel insurance  
Get a quote to compare the benefits of the Visitor to Australia travel insurance policy   

Since its inception, Travel Insurance Saver has won a number of awards, most recently the 2018 MOZO awards, and has been well received by customers. Travel Insurance Saver is a highly personalised and competitive travel insurance business focused on helping their policyholders.  

Visitors to Australia need travel insurance 

People tend to get sick more often while travelling overseas. Whether it’s the change in food, the climate, or just bad luck – it tends to happen more often when it’s most inconvenient. Visitor’s Travel Insurance provided by Aussie Travel Insurance will provide you with affordable cover and give you priceless peace of mind while you travel. Your policy covers you if you need to visit a GP or hospital. For minor incidents, we recommend you hold onto your receipts and make one claim at the end of your trip, that way you only pay the excess once for all visits to the GP or Hospital.   

As previously mentioned, travel insurance for visitors to Australia has become a legal prerequisite in some cases. People apply for this insurance policy for the same reason they would apply for any travel insurance policy – to avoid travel-related issues or health-related issues while travelling. It is recommended you purchase an inbound travel insurance policy from an Australian provider for the sake of convenience, reliability and accessibility while travelling.  

Before arriving in Australia, you should apply for the 'Inbound Traveller to Australia' policy. The visitor travel insurance is regarded as one of the best policies available for tourists visiting Australia. The ‘Inbound Traveller to Australia Policy’ offers coverage for incurred medical and travel-related costs during your trip. 

This type of travel insurance policy will help you deal with unanticipated sickness, loss of luggage, travel delays, accidents and much more. Travel Insurance Saver is one of the leading providers of travel insurance for visitors to Australia. We are known for offering quality travel insurance packages and excellent customer service for visitors travelling to Australia.


Australia is famous for its scenic experiences ranging from the beautiful backyard beaches and coves of Sydney, the sweeping deserts of Central-Australia, to the tropical rainforests of Northern-Queensland. If you’re not in the countryside, enter a city like Melbourne, where you’ll be entranced by music events, and hidden bars and restaurants. Whether it be a road trip with the family to visit some of the many sights Australia has to offer or a quickly proposed business trip to the heart of one of our many amazing cities, Travel Insurance Saver has you covered. 

Designed solely for Non-Residents of Australia, whether it be for work or leisure, this policy will provide adequate Medical coverage, along with cancellation costs, loss of luggage, personal liability, and even rental vehicle insurance excess cover. 

Major General Exclusions 
General exclusions do apply under this policy, making the policy unavailable to travellers with Existing Medical Conditions not covered by ‘Conditions automatically covered’. 
You are only eligible for an inbound policy if you are aged 69 years and under. 

Duration of coverage will conclude upon your return to your original country of residence/and or when you have selected your return date. 
Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.   

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