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Cruise cover is automatically included on all international policies. If you wish to to cruise in Australian Waters please sleect Australiian wateres as your destination. This covers medical evacuation and onboard medical expenses.   

Travel insurance cruise holidays and overseas expeditions all fall under one convenient package, designed to encourage security and peace of mind. Cruise Travel Insurance


Who doesn’t want to spend their holiday travelling from one splendid island to another? Cruise travel insurance is presently much different than it has ever been and those who never had the experience should consider cruise travel insurance once you have booked your cruise holiday. When you are booking the dream cruise, don’t overlook the safety net of cruise travel insurance
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Travel insurance may cover you if you require medical attention or worse need to be medically evacated off the ship to the closest port or back to Australia. It is an essential item to have, some cruise companies won't let you board without it. But if you are going to spend money on cruise travel insurance you may as well get a quality policy that you can rely on when you are out to sea.
Cruise Travel Insurance 
Cruise cover is included under all international travel insurance policies. 

Cruise Travel Insurance - Domestic and International Cruising

Some travel insurance policies incorporate medical treatment and care, luggage, medical coverage and theft coverage, emergency travel coverage and trip interruption coverage.
It’s essential that your travel insurance policy is not just a stock policy from an online printout service but that you have a policy that meets your travel needs.

If you’re supposed to fly to get to your final destination, there should be a proper airline or airport clause to help save your belongings as you move towards the boat docks. 
A cruise can be very expensive, and many travellers may encounter sea-sickness, trip cancellations and weather uncertainties. Several things can take place when you’re on board that are covered under quality travel insurance policies. Please always read the PDS before making a decision on cruise travel insurance.  

Hence, if you’re planning a cruise holiday, it’s essential that you purchase cruise travel insurance cover in order to help protect you against financial and health risks while cruising.
Cruise travel insurance Every single trip, irrespective of your travel mode, should be protected with travel insurance. For any overseas trip, you should purchase a travel insurance policy, the same goes for if you are going to go on a cruise ship.

Cruise cover can be invaluable, especially when you are in international waters and in need of medical aid.  
If you really want to enjoy your cruise without worrying about unwanted troubles, then you should look to compare our cruise travel insurance policies that deliver travel insurance to travellers on cruise holidays. 

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