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Imagine that you have planned a trip with your family or friends to your dream destination. You are all set for the vacation. Flight bookings are done, hotel rooms are reserved; but suddenly, one of these things happens:
  • You have to cancel your trip due to some unavoidable reasons.
  • A natural calamity hits your destination.
  • You suffer from a health problem during or before the trip.
Such problems may occur during or before your travel, and you may get trapped in a sticky situation. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are a travelling overseas, make sure that you have the best travel insurance for your travel needs taken out before you set out for your trip. If you have already departed and need travel insurance there is this option as well. 

Here are some important tips which you need to know before you buy travel insurance.

1. Firstly, Know What Travel Insurance Is

Read the Product Disclosure and Statement and Policy Wording. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know very much about travel insurance. Travel insurance is designed to cover the unpredicted medical emergencies and events like trip cancellation that are outside of your control. Always check the general exclusions as well to ensure that there aren't any conflicting terms in the wording that you need when travelling. 

You must note that a travel insurance policy is not a substitute for your health insurance policy in your home country. However, a medical component is included in your travel insurance policy to cover sudden illness or accidental injury during your travel. The level of coverage is dependent on the plan which you opt for.   

2. Check Some Important Factors

a. Level of coverage

Before buying travel insurance, you need to check whether the policy covers medical expenses occurred abroad and onboard a cruise ship.

b. Payout time and other requirements

Do you need documentation or any written report of the incident to support your claim, within a given timeline? You are always entitled to make a claim for assessment, however it is important that you get any supporting documentation such as a police report or airline message outlining the incident. Do this immediately once you have first noticed the issue or within the first 24 hours Always check the PDS to confirm before taking out any policy. 

3. Check The Exclusions From Your Insurance Policy

Travel insurance policies will have some exclusions which they will not cover you for. For instance

  • Specific activites such as Base jumping
  • Pandemic and Epidemics such as COVID-19 

After checking the exclusions, you can then choose the best travel insurance for your travel needs.   

4. Know If You Wish To Choose An Annual Policy Or Single Trip Cover 

While searching for the best travel insurance policy, you need to have a basic foresight about your travel goals so that you can choose the right policy. If you know that you are going to travel several times in a year than you can choose an annual multi travel insurance policy which may cover all of your trips and can be far more cost-effective, make sure you don't exceed the maximum duration of any one trip back and forth from Australia. Otherwise, you can simply stick with a single trip travel insurance policy which may cover for one or multiple destination in the one trip. 

6. Know Everything About Amount Of Premiums

Travel insurance premiums are based on age, duration, destination, existing medical conditions or any additional activities such as Snow Sports travel insurance

7. Check The Cancellation Policy

It’s not fun to cancel your trip due to suffering a serious injury or illness before departing or while travelling. Many unexpected problems may pop up. However, you need to note that not all travel insurance policies cover cancellation of flights and accommodation or limits may apply. So make sure that you read the policy wording carefully before you take out your travel insurance policy.

8. Pay Attention To Government Warnings

Many travel insurance policies may have a clause where they won’t cover you in case you travel to a country which your government has warned you against travelling to. Based on this clause, the insurer can argue that the risk was foreseen, and you were warned. So, be aware about the governments before planning your travel and signing your travel insurance policy. 

At Travel Insurance Saver, we offer amazing travel insurance policies to help suit the needs of our customers. If you are planning your travel soon, then speak with us and get the best travel insurance policy for your travel needs!


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