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Travel Insurance Saver is a premium provider of travel insurance at discounted rates. We know that peace of mind while travelling is priceless, but we firmly believe that your policy should be affordable. We offer discount travel insurance that will provide the necessary coverage for your upcoming trip.Discount Travel Insurance

Discount Travel Insurance Policies

We understand that travellers have unique needs and demands when it comes to their insurance. The same is true in cases of people who want to go for the more financially practical option without compromising their safety when travelling. That is why we provide a range of policies that offer different ranges of coverage, these policies are all priced differently, but are discounted.  

Travel insurance discountnib Travel Insurance international policies include medical and emergency dental covers, luggage cover, and cancellation cover. They also come with additional expenses in case you need to spend on emergency accommodation or new airfare. Please get a quote to compare benefits for policies that are available.

Some policies provide the option of choosing $0 excess. If you choose a $0 excess policy, the policy itself will cost slightly more, but should you need to make multiple claims you won’t be charged at all. 

Travel Insurance Saver offers nib travel insurance products at discount travel insurance prices.
If you choose a nib travel insurance poliy you will have the freedom to amend, extend, or cancel your policy depending on your needs and preferences. Cooling off periods of 21 days applies, please refer to the PDS for further information. 
We offer you discount travel insurance policies that will help you get the necessary confidence that you deserve while you enjoy your vacation. 

In a world where the average cost of living is constantly climbing, and wages remain the same year after year, it’s warming to find discounts on day to day things. If we save money on discounted items and services, we can save for the things that really matter to us. What matters in life? An important event could be something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, like an overseas holiday with the family, or a solo adventure through the orient. If you can find discounts on essential services like insurance then all the better. Put the money saved back into your holiday. With Travel Insurance Saver, you can save on travel insurance and at the same time put those savings back into your trip. Discount unnecessary costs – don’t discount yourself. 
Discount travel insurance
Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy.