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Common Setbacks when Travelling and How to Avoid Them


You rush to the airport excited to fly off to a new place, only to find out your flight is delayed. You arrive at your hotel only to realise it’s overbooked and the room isn’t available. You’re touring a new city and then get back your hotel only to find out your passport is missing. We’ve all been there before.

These travel snafus are always a great frustration, but they can also be remedied, and even avoided. To help make your next holiday a little more organised, here are some of the most common problems when travelling and how to deal with them.

Not Having Enough Time for Connecting Flights

A window of at least an hour and a half between your connecting flights can significantly decrease your chances of missing the flight or losing your luggage. Leaving only a 45-minute window to connect between flights might seem doable, but it’s often not enough, especially if you’re arriving in big airports with multiple terminals or gates far apart from each other.

Not Double Checking Documents and Reservations for Errors

A simple spelling error on your passport, plane ticket, or hotel reservation could lead to delays and stress. Double check all documents and bookings before leaving. Make sure to print at least two copies of each and keep them separate just in case you lose your bag or your documents. Always collaborate the time, place, and schedule, making sure all information is correct.

Not Checking Your Budget

When visiting a new place, it’s easy to lose yourself in the local market and shops. Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy everything you see.

Treat your budget as a way to experience the place more creatively and authentically; not as a restriction. Have a realistic budget that you can follow, and allow some breathing room for unexpected expenses. If you’re travelling for quite some time, weekly schedule transfers from your savings accounts to your checking account, similar to a paycheck. This Let's you know exactly how much you’ve already spent and how much you’re allowed to.

These and other mistakes highlight the importance of having travel insurance. Anything you can do to cope and avoid these problems is always a great way to enjoy your vacation more.

Know more about what travel insurance coverage can do to help you avoid headaches while travelling by getting in touch with us.

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