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Budget Travel Insurance - Can You Attain Quality Cover at a Low Price?


No matter who is travelling, having travel insurance is important to acquire before heading overseas. Even if you think you are a cautious traveller or not participating in any risky activities you should sitll consider taking a travel insurance policy to cover medical, cancellation evacuation and luggage.   

Even considering a budget travel insurance policy will assist you for medical or cancellation. It’s always wise to have some cover than having none. 

But can you attain quality & affordable cover at a budget price? To view quotes please enter your travel details to compare quotes side by side and select the best policy to fit your travel needs. Just because a policy says it is budget/basic/bare doesn't mean it is exactly what you are looking for. You just need to know what benefits are neccessary for your travel needs. 

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Find an agent for budget travel insurance online

You should be able to easily find a provider online, however, you need to find a company that you feel comfortable with and you can speak with clearly to understand any questions you have about the policy benefits. You can look around online, but once you’ve found a company that suits you, you should expect to receive free assistance in the gaining of information on a suitable travel insurance policy. They also deliver expertise and having the help of a real individual will make you feel more comfortable and looked after during the travel insurance purchasing process. 

Numerous travel insurance companies specialise in the budget end of the market and provide policies that encompass all the cover you need at an affordable price. 

Contact the travel insurance company

Calling a travel insurance company over the phone will help you find a genuine and reputable travel insurance company. Travelling on a budget means you want to get value for your money not pay for something that is cheap and useless. Getting that clarification you require from an Australian based business is always handy. 

Browse the internet

A lot of travel insurance companies now only function online, and don’t provide easy telephone assistance. This should be concerning if you need to get in contact with them in an emergency. Make sure the travel insurance companies phone number is easily accessible.

When looking online make sure you can actually speak to a person, are they based in Australia or overseas and does the policy meet your requirements. Don't just look at the price, this is a reason some policies are more expensive, and that can be experienced ten-fold when you need to rely on it during an emergency. Once you have purchased, also consider the ease in which you are able to complete the purchasing process and communication sent immediately after purchase. This will help reflect what kind of insurance you have taken out.  

Considering an Annual Multi-Trip policy

If you make several trips during the year consider purchasing an Annual Multi Trip policy which may fit the budget a lot better than multiple single trip policies. You pay a one-off annual fee and for this, you may get cover for you and your family for 12 months. This covers unlimited trips during a year, but always check the duration limit to see if any of your trips don't exceed the limit. 

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