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Budget Travel Insurance - Best Cover, Best Travel


Budget Travel Insurance - Best Cover, Best Travel

We all know about travel insurance, but most of us just overlook its significance and head off insecurely without getting covered or purchase the cheapest policy one can find and realise it is worthless when one needs to lean on their policy in an emergency. Now the arguable question is do you actually need travel insurance? There are several possible unfortunate events that can befall you while you travel: 

  • You may fall sick while traveling
  • You may encounter a car accident
  • You may be a victim of losing any of your valuable possessions
  • A theft or robbery may take place
  • There's the possibility of your flight getting cancelled or delayed
  • You may lose your luggage
  • Your accommodation may be unavailable

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about any travel insurance policy

Can you honestly assume that nothing would go wrong while you're heading off for a business trip, round-the-world holiday or a beach holiday? Will you still claim that travel insurance is a waste of both time and money? Well, it's a lot less of a waste of money than experiencing the alternate of trying to arrange thousands of dollars in a foreign land to pay your hefty hospital bill after unintentionally breaking your leg or worse you need to pay for the evacuation cost to head home which will cost 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars. 

If you're putting off the plan of purchasing travel insurance due to the expensive premium costs related to it, then definitely budget travel insurance can be an ideal solution for you. So, how are you going to buy online travel insurance on a budget for your upcoming trip? 

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Spare some time to shop around

While you shop around online you may be presented with several different potential bargains. But these low-price policies can come with hidden surprises, like very high excess costs, or several limitations on policy provisions with general exclusions that may make it worthless for what your travel requirements, like low medical evacuation coverage or a lack of cruise cover etc. It’s always important to look thoroughly for the right policy for your trip, even though some policies are more costly, they can be worth it just to have more comprehensive cover and be secure when traveling. 

Evaluate your needs 

If you're heading on a long vacation, and you're not sure about your activities, you can check the TIS website to see a list of activities which may be covered. For instance, if your vacation involves skiing or snowboarding, then you should include Snow Sports cover in your policy when you purchase. 

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Mention your pre-existing medical condition 

You may wonder why such declaration is essential when getting budget travel insurance. Well, travel insurance companies are very much keen to know about potential risks, and hence any travel insurance buyer is asked to fill the form with respect to their health condition. If you're not a sufferer of any health issues then this will essentially minimise the travel insurance premium, whereas if there's any pre-existing medical condition then you'll have to pay additional fee to have it covered if approved, and the likelihood of having ‘budget’ travel insurance is decreased.  


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