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If you’re the kind of person who travels occasionally, then you ought to know how essential it is to buy travel insurance from a reputable company and underwriter. In case you travel just once or twice a year, it may turn out to be more cost-effective to own one or consider purchasing an Annual Multi Trip policy that covers you for all the trips you take throughout the year. It is advised that you plan ahead before heading away on holidays.
Travel insurance should cover medical and financial expenses and other losses that you may encounter while traveling domestically or internationally. Travel Insurance Saver can help you purchase the best value travel insurance for your travel needs. 
Travel insurance plans can offer cover^ for: 
  • Delayed departures for flights and other modes of travel
  • Cancellations and curtailments
  • Delay or loss of luggage
  • Loss, theft or damage to personal belonging and encompassing travel documents such as passports
  • Medical expenses overseas
  • Emergency evacuation & repatriation 
  • Overseas funeral expenses
  • Accidental death or serious injury 
  • Personal liability
  • Legal assistance 
  • Loss of income 
^Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Before deciding to purchase this product, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. 
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We have a range of policies available, easily get a quote to compare travel insurance products and pricing. The best value travel insurance is likely to cover the most appropriate benefits for your travel needs. 
The best travel insurance may not be the same for every individual, these will be different from traveller to traveller. It is important to undertand what you need to be covered for before you purchase your travel insurance!
Travel Insurance Saver is a multi award-winning travel insurance company offering quality travel insurance policies for single-trip, business, multi-trip and family travel insurance, so you can find the best value travel insurance for your trip away.