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As we start getting older, we have different pleasure our accountabilities ease up significantly. The next step in life can be full of enthusiasm and adventure, which is why a number of senior love to travel the world. Maybe you desire to visit friends or family overseas, or maybe you are just long waiting to visit that dream destination. 

So, what do Aussie seniors must know about travelling the globe and how can they best guard themselves from extreme costs that eats into their well earned savings? The best way to do so is the to take out a Australian seniors travel insurance policy. This way, you may not need to be anxious if a flight get cancelled, or if you suffer from an injury on the ski slopes and need expensive medical evacuation.   

Now the big question: can senior acquire travel cover?

You basically should not worry about not finding a cover due to your age. There are numerous travel insurance companies that cover Australians up to 100 including us. However, you may find that policies posses’ maximum duration limits for your trip, and that your age limits will differ depending on if you are involving in a trip to a single destination, Annual Multi Trip. To get a quote for  please use the quoting panel on this page and add you age, destination and travel dates. If you have an existing medical condition that isn't covered you will be required to complete a medical screening. 
No matter how old you turn, you can obtain travel insurance cover but you may have exlcusion associate with high risk medical conditions. 
Australian seniors travel insurance  

Is a seniors travel insurance policy bit pricey?

You may have to pay more for travel insurance as you get older, as against those younger travellers. 

And what about pre-existing conditions?

Many people have a question that if their pre-existing medical condition is covered? You need to complete a medical screening, this will access if you are covered for free, for a fee or excluded. This can turn out to be a huge weight lifted from certain travelers, who don’t want to worry about paying for expensive medical treatment. 


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