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Australian Domestic Travel Insurance: Why It’s Still a Necessity


In the past couple of decades, Australians have started going overseas more, but a recent trend has seen Australian’s return to their roots. Bolstered by tourism campaigns encouraging Australians to visit their ‘own backyard’ and support business that have been affected by fires or flood in recent years. The rate of domestic travel, particularly to rural areas, has seen a revival. While overseas travel was once attractive for its cheap cost, Australian’s have started to remember that their own country has a lot to offer. 
Rather than compete with hordes of international crowds at popular overseas tourist hotspots, Australian’s are travelling to their own rural countryside for a more relaxed holiday experience. Particularly over smaller breaks, people are realizing it’s easier to unwind going on a quiet road-trip to a rural Australian beach town, rather than jump on a crowded plane for 16 hours. 

Don’t overlook Domestic Travel Insurance 

Because of the nature of domestic travel, people often overlook the need for domestic travel insurance – but domestic travel insurance should still be seriously considered. Many people still engage in the same kinds of activities on domestic holidays as they do overseas. Because of this, domestic travel insurance for travel within Australia is a necessity if you want to be fully covered in the case of an emergency or a cancellation of your trip due to an event outlined in the PDS.    

Domestic Travel Insurance Story

One of our customers purchased a simple domestic travel insurance cancellation plan before their road trip to Melbourne for the Australian Open. One of their children fell ill prior to the trip. Because the child was listed as a dependent on their policy certificate, they were able to claim a full refund for the cost of their accommodation in Melbourne and for their tennis tickets which obviously saved them significantly.  

Different Domestic Travel Insurance Policies

There are several policies available for domestic travel. The very simple and affordable Cancellation Policy mentioned above covers the costs of airfare, accommodation and unused tickets in the event of a cancellation. This policy is available for Australian residents. Then there are more robust policies like the Australian Comprehensive policy. The Australian Comprehensive policy is available for Australian residents and covers families for things like cancellations, medical evacuation, cruise cover and lost or stolen luggage. The Australian Comprehensive policy also covers for more miscellaneous scenarios like the closure of a ski-run preventing you from enjoying your pre-booked ski holiday. You’ll can be covered if one of your service providers (theme-park, hotel operator etc.) financially defaults*; you won’t be left to pay the bills for a holiday that you never got to enjoy. 
  Domestic travel insurance 

Domestic Travel Insurance: Two Types 

There are also different forms of domestic travel insurance. There’s the single policy travel insurance, which covers you and/or your family for just a single trip which can be to multiple countries – this is perfect if you don’t travel a lot or if you’re only planning on one trip for the year. 
Then there’s the annual multi-trip policy. The annual multi-trip policy is great if you’re planning on travelling more than once within the space of a year, you’ll be covered for as many trips as you’d like within a space of a year up to 45 days per trip. 

There’s a surplus of travel insurance providers on the internet. Comparing prices before a trip can be a headache, but it’s an unfortunate necessity if you want to find the best price for your travel insurance policy. Giving yourself time to compare policies on the internet is ideal, comparing policies and what they provide for the right cost will allow you to sift through the masses and find the right policy for your travel needs. Try and get in touch with Travel Insurance Saver if you have any questions. We are more than happy to assist. It’s always better to be able to chat with a human and have your questions answered that way, then you’ll know that you’re really being taken care of and getting any questions answered. 
Each policy is unique, it helps to write down a list of things that you really want to be covered for and then compare your own personal list with the coverage list of your provider. This way you won’t end up with a policy that covers something you don’t need. 

Domestic travel insurance is too often overlooked, but it can provide so many benefits for people travelling within their own country. You’ll be thoroughly covered if you purchase domestic travel insurance for your trip around your own backyard, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more with the priceless peace of mind that good insurance coverage provides. You can now fully enjoy yourself with your loved ones. 
*Please note: Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions and limits set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. Before deciding to purchase this product, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us. Please get a quote to view the PDS