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Australia Travel Insurance - Humpbacks Seen in Queensland

If you are a lover of whales, the best time to see Humpbacks migrate along the East Coast of Australia is between May through July and September through November. Make sure you have your camera ready because a pod of humpback whales has been spotted in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania!!


Whale Watching Travel Insurance

The first squad of gigantic humpback whales might be spotted by people just off the Gold Coast in Southeast Queensland. The voyage of thousands of these calm and majestic creatures officially marks the coastal city’s whale-watching season.
Whale Watching Travel InsuranceThe season begins in June and goes right through to November every year, so make sure you look for good accommodation near or in the coastal city. You can also book to take tours onto the ocean where you can see the whales up close and personal. If you purchase affordable inbound travel insurance to Australia you can go whale watching without any qualms. 
The famed whales have a distinctive body shape, thus the name, and have an unusually wide, pectoral fins and knobbly, barnacled head. They swim for about 25,000 km up the Australian east coast to the warm tropical waters of Queensland, Australia, and then proceed further to the Great Barrier Reef.
Onlookers and whale-watching fanatics are likely to have an amazing experience.
In warm waters, these whales are far from lethargic. They’re likely to spend their time eating krill and petite fishes through varied feeding methods, considering the bubble net feeding technique. 
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If you are fortunate enough, you’ll notice some whales doing some acrobatic breaching, spy-hopping, peduncle throws, lob-tailing, parrying and charging. 

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This behaviour is rare to get on video, so get ready for long term accommodation in Australia. Some of the photos and videos you take could be once in a lifetime. For your stay in Australia, you should consider purchasing an inbound travel insurance policy, especially if you are staying for a longer time and need a visa. Inbound travel insurance can supplement your medical costs requirements by providing dental and medical coverage, plus medical evacuation and repatriation. 
Australia’s tourism agencies and conservationist greet the return of the imperilled animal.  Recent reports show that the humpbacks are returning in bigger husks, so now is a great time to see them. 
Whale Watching Travel InsuranceThe prohibition on whaling activities in vital areas has seen a big boost in the population of numerous whale species.  This is because of the greater public awareness of their dilemma, humpback and different types of whales and dolphins are making a huge comeback in the open seas all over the world.
Whale Watching Travel Insurance  
Do not go chasing humpbacks all around the world when you know you are most likely to see them on the East Coast of Australia. Your whale-watching passion will be certainly satiated and memorable. So, contact your travel insurance agent and book a flight to Australia now. Get Online Travel Insurance quickly and easily from this website. Compare and save on Australia travel insurance.

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