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Travelling and exploring the world with your own eyes is really a heavenly experience. But it’s always recommended that one should do some homework prior to travelling to a foreign land. Even the most thoroughly planned trip can be offset by unforeseen events. Cancelled flights, medical emergencies, natural disasters or lost baggag - such events are the ire of the unlucky traveller.


In a world beset more frequently by unexpected natural disasters, it is not hard to see why travel insurance has become a necessary commodity. A comprehensive travel insurance policy should provide provision for natural disaster cover, and in some cases emergency accommodation. 
Travel insurance may give you protection for both domestic and overseas holidays. If you are a frequent traveller, then you should consider purchasing an annual multi-trip policy. This policy is great if you are a business person who travels overseas frequently throughout the year. The annual-multi trip policy can also be handy if you travel frequently with your family overseas, as you include two people in the policy (parents) and children (dependents) can be included for free.
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The multi-trip is designed for frequent travellers to be able to save money while still receiving comprehensive travel insurance. Annual travel insurance may deliever benefits such as trip cancellation, medical expenses, injury or accidental death, personal liability, delayed travel, loss or theft of luggage, rental car damages, or personal possessions.
Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Schedule of Benefits to compare beneifts. Best way to do this is to get a quote from this page to view products available. From there you can compare benefits and view the PDS and policy wording.   

Once the traveller has purchased their annual multi-trip policy, they are insured for the full year. Meaning they can go on as many trips within the year as they like, and still be covered by their travel insurance policy. There will be a maximum duration per trip, and travellers must return to Australia after each trip to be applicable. Hence If the traveller needs to extend their trip longer than the maxmum duration they can add a single trip policy onto the end of their trip. This can be done before your leave or while you are travelling.   
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Annual Travel Insurance 

The annual travel insurance coverage has various advantages. This is a long term travel insurance policy and runs for a year overseas without returning back to Australia. It saves both time and money even during last-minute travel plans. Travel insurance can be purchased for 12 months and extended. There is also an option to take out 24 months travel insurance for yourself and traveling party.   
Travelling more than once a year or going on a long trip? Save time and money with Travel Insurance Saver’s annual travel insurance Australia.  

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