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Travelling To Australia- Ensure You Get Insured

Travel insurance policies while travelling to Australia

Travel insurance is very often overlooked when planning a holiday or business trip. We overlook the fact that we may a victim of lost luggage at an airport. At times travel insurance act as a peace of mind---straight away to the time you want it.
If you are non-resident of Australia that is travelling to Australia, you are looking for the travel insurance for an inbound traveller to Australia policy. 

Why does someone need travel insurance?

As we know, an accident may occur at any time and at any place to anybody. In the worst circumstances, this may result in critical injury and thereby ruining a holiday to see family or business trip. Sadly, none of us can predict as in when this accident may take place or the seriousness of them when they happen. The best option is to have a travel insurance policy in place. It may seem that you’re gambling against yourself when organising such a policy, but, nothing can escape the truth.
Anything as sincere as a wet floor or trip down a flight of stairs could result in a hospital trip, for instance, to administer a broken wrist or a twisted ankle. Medical travel insurance may cover the cost but you may also need to lean on your policy to get back to Australia or your home country from Australia. 

What to look for in travel insurance?

Travel insurance is considered a safety net when abroad. A decent travel insurance policy must cover you for medical and health issues, cover for an injury or unfortunate illness in abroad, 24/7 emergency service and help as well as personal liability cover if in case you’re sued for causing an injury or damaging property.
Other aspects to consider when buying travel insurance are, the value of your lost luggage or stolen possessions cover?
What’s the maximum you can claim for on a sole piece of your inventory?
Are you actually covered for cancellation and/or missing your flight or ferry?
Does your policy include additional cover for activities that are actually not included in standard policies, like jet skiing or adventure activities?
Is there any financial reimbursement if your carrier airline turns bankrupt or during your trip abroad?

Travel Insurance  

Social and political issues

Australia is known for its seasonal weather system for immense weather conditions. There are often seasonal flash floods and long durations of intense heat. There are cyclone systems during summer months up north generally between November to April.  
Double check that you are legal to drive in Australia and that you have the correct licence to rent a car or campervan. Vietnam, for instance, has a different licencing system to Australia. While the UK & NZ uses the same licencing system like Australia. Just remember that we drive on the left-hand-side of the road for those USA travellers to Australia.  

Particular Insurances 

Australia has a reputation for a holiday destination. The sea, sun and sand formula is very powerful in drawing visitors. You should be careful at beach destinations. Crime rates are very similar to the UK, so do not leave behind articles alone on a beach.
Undoubtedly, travel insurance may replace lost luggage and monies but it’s good to have not had them stolen. Prior embarking on a holiday activity, assure that it is covered within your travel insurance policy. An accident out of a non-covered activity will not be paid for by the travel insurance provider. Certain activities may be covered and these will be details within the policy.
The moment you travel further towards central Australia, you enter the Outback. The danger of heat and wildlife are increased. It’s recommended if travelling any distance into the wilderness to be properly prepared. Additional water and fuel, as the distance between towns, can be 100s of km's away. A satellite phone is recommended if you are tackling the dessert because the mobile signal is really sparse in the desert. It’s essential to be aware of your travel insurance contact number and properly prepare for your trip so that you have the appropriate resources so that you aren't caught short and put in a situation. 


Website is currently under maintenance. We will be back on Monday the 9th of December, 2019.
Please feel free to contact us with any Travel Insurance enquiries.
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